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Enterprise mobile apps play a key role in the profitability of every business that deploys them. It multiplies your chances of success by providing users with a platform where they can connect with your business. ROI on Enterprise Applications, read review.

However, many business managers have determined its effectiveness but are yet to understand how exactly to figure the ROI of enterprise mobile apps.

These managers seek an answer to the one question related to enterprise mobility solution that challenges them the most while execution – “How to achieve a high ROI on enterprise applications?”

Measuring the ROI of an enterprise application

It’s imperative for a business to understand the ROI they are likely to get with the implementation of enterprise mobile apps. They need to understand how to calculate the ROI so that the actual efficacy of deployment can be found. The process of determining the ROI of any mobility solution follows a three-phase process.

1. Phase 1 – Know the costs involved

The first phase is to know how much cost was initially incurred for getting the enterprise mobile solution built. You can seek the details in any mobile application development documentation. The first phase gives you an idea as to how much cost you have paid for what you expect from the mobility solution.

2. Phase 2 – Measure the output

The next stage is to determine whether the application was able to deliver on its promise or not. This can be done by listing out the KPIs which are crucial indicators of measuring the performance of the application. Some KPIs may include sales figures, paperwork, cost of production, etc. These numbers provide a clear picture of how much output the enterprise mobile app actually delivered.

3. Phase 3 – Calculate the ROI

The last and the most important phase is to weigh the output delivered against the initial cost that was incurred in the development of the app. This enables you to calculate the exact ROI that the application has provided you.

This three-phase process is utilized by businesses all over the world. It provides them with a clear understanding of where they stand in their investments in enterprise mobile solutions. However, many times organizations do not achieve the expected ROI on their investment in the application.

Here are 6 strategies that will enable any enterprise to increase their ROI and maximize the application’s ability to deliver exceptional outcomes for the costs involved:

◙ Make iterations

If the enterprise has a plan for making continuous iterations, it can effectively increase the ROI on the applications. By understanding what features employees utilize the most and how they expect it to work, the application can be upgraded and the features can be changed according to different milestones. No application is perfect in the first attempt and an enterprise mobility app is no exception. Continue performing different tests on the applications until the employees provide positive feedback that ensures a good future for the application.

◙ Make an excellent UI/UX

A rich UI and UX development can increase your chances of maximizing the ROI on the application. Aesthetics and appeal play a crucial role in interacting with employees. They want the experience to be good and want the transition from one screen to the other to be smooth. While developing the UX, the mindset of the employees must be understood. It must intuitively guide them to take the next step and tell them which screen to move to next, which screen has different goals, etc.

◙ Provide advanced features

Good features are the lifeblood of any enterprise mobile app. Basic features are in-built in the application but providing advanced features to the employees can drastically smoothen their operations. Features like a directory of contacts, appointment scheduling, bug reporting, company announcements, and a social media-friendly application can improve team efficiency.

◙ Increase employee participation

Lack of employee participation is a leading cause of the failure of enterprise mobility solutions. Employees are hesitant to any change in the system because they are accustomed to the old ways of working. This presents a real problem if the employees comprise mainly of Gen X that struggles with changes in technology. Setting healthy competition in the organization for the application’s usage is a good way to increase employee participation. When there are features in the app that compliment the healthy competition, employees will understand the value of the app and eventually engage.

◙ Develop Segments

Providing every feature set to every team is nothing but a step in the inefficient deployment of the application. Teams are often confused with features that are not designed for their specific domain and it ends up ruining their experience. To increase the ROI, employees need to understand what works in the application for them. Having multiple screens that address a domain-specific segment will enable teams to focus on their area and deliver better results. They will have a faster turnaround time while accessing the application, an essential aspect of maximizing employee participation.

◙ Make an interactive application | ROI on Enterprise Applications

Adding interactive technology to the application will definitely improve employee engagement within the application. They can interact better when the application has intelligent technology embedded within it like AI-powered chatbots, AR and VR solutions, etc.

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This provides a personalized experience to the employees, enabling better interaction and improving performance. Technology plays a crucial role in uplifting the employees’ activity on the enterprise mobile application because they have assistance available by their side at all times.

Increasing the ROI of the application doesn’t come easy but by applying the above strategies, any organization is sure to improve their odds of winning the game of enterprise mobility solutions.

Contact a leading enterprise mobile app development company that ensures your ROI matches the expectations and provides world-class solutions that enhance your overall employee engagement and maximize your chances of success.



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