Contact Service Center

purchase topamax online ordering tinidazole Businesses who get it right, move at a much different,

a much faster pace than their counterparts…

It’s still the people…

Some will suggest technology as the driving force determining the success or failure of your

enterprise. Yes, those with technical knowledge will continue to make advances. But when

it’s all said and done it’s still the people who decide whether a business is a winner; or just more

dust in the wind. At (v)WeCare our personalities, individualized skills, and energy created by

the people is what guides the ship through rough and calm waters. Representatives who care,

managers who respond (almost instantly) and with an enterprise value of doing the right thing,

is how we continue to provide excellent customer service.

Contact Service Center

You don’t need a storefront…

Today’s young business minds can grow a multi-million dollar business from the basement of

their homes. While other determined entrepreneurs build billion dollar international empires

from their once cluttered garage. But no matter your size, no matter your business model, and

believe it or not, no matter your budget, your company will benefit from the customer service

which outsourcing offers.


Professionals with persuasive telephone skills…


Make no mistake about it, outsourcing is here to stay. And if you’re a small business owner, you

eventually realize, there’s only so many hats you can wear. Imagine the enormous value of a

contact call center, managing the customer service side of your business. Indeed, it’s still the

telephone, by which we most communicate. Outsourcing this strenuous activity can take a load

off the shoulders of the small business owner. Just picture professional phone representatives

using persuasive skills to satisfy your customer service needs.

Experts creating and managing email campaigns…

For those who would prefer online communications, (v)WeCare has the most innovative email

chat available in the industry. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of what email can do for your

business by incorporating auto-responders, one-click tracking, and automation support tickets.

Work in real-time with the trained representative to get your questions answered promptly with care.

Get the Social Media presence youve longed for…

It’s apparent Social Media is a part of our everyday culture; let’s face it, it’s a way of life. Smart

business owners have a professional social media presence. Unfortunately, most small business

owners don’t have the time to post an article to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. There’s still a

number of companies who haven’t quite grasped the exposure of a professional and

well-written business page on LinkedIn. At (v)WeCare, we have experienced and skilled

professionals, capable of producing and managing all your social media activity.

All-In-One Contact Service Center

Our all-in-one contact service center understands the magnitude of providing a positive

outsourcing experience. You’ll discover immediately the difference in communication between

your customer and our call center representative. By capitalizing on outsourcing to improve your

bottom-line, you’ll come to realize it’s not only smart but the trend of the new business owner.

Stay ahead with outsourcing by hiring less employees, gaining access to a larger talent pool, and

lowering the cost of labor.

Outsourcing is best defined by the below statement…

Outsourcing is an agreement in which one company hires another

company to be responsible for a planned or existing activity that is or

could be done internally.


There’s pros and cons when you consider outsourcing certain task usually performed within the

confines of the office. This decision is bound to cause butterflies. But times are swiftly

changing. You have the opportunity to grow your business like never before. At (v)WeCare,

we take cautious steps to make absolutely certain your needs are met or exceeded. We’re

honored to be a part of your growing business.

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