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If you’re up to date on e-commerce trends, you’ve certainly heard the term Omni channel retailing. The concept is nothing more than the multiplicity of channels. The Omni-Channel concept defines the future of the national and international retail market, in which all channels of a brand (web store, physical store, mobile application, etc) are integrated to serve consumers wherever they are.To survive technological advances, traditional retailers need to understand and apply the integration of these channels. Although traditional commerce still represents the greatest return on sales, the growth seen in e-commerce is optimistic.

Integrate the possibilities

Faced with this scenario, managers need to involve all areas of the company and act in a planned manner to reach that consumer who buys via the web, but also goes to the physical stores. To reach the cross-channel consumer, stores must create a connection with the new technologies, understand the needs of their customers and make the shopping experience more and more stimulating. With the creation of a new concept, a new consumer type is also born, who uses several channels to make his purchases, varying according to what is more practical and fast for him.

Invest in mobile

Mobile devices made it possible for the first time experience of buying a product wherever the consumer is. To work with this channel, take into account in the cross channel strategy that mobile should generate traffic to online and physical points of sale. Companies that already implement or plan to implement the Omni channel commerce strategy should consider that being present in multiple channels is not the only step. It is important to integrate them and illustrate this continuity in the consumer’s experience with the brand.

Making shopping on mobile platforms complete is as important as the consumer experience with traditional e-commerce. To make this reality possible, invest in customized formats for mobile phones and tablets. Another suggestion is to insert a QR code on the products and create a special store locator for mobile devices with information about products and promotions. Companies that adapt to this reality and develop new experiences for their customers increase the chances of building customer loyalty and generating engagement for the brand. Get started today and prepare your brand for the Ecommerce Omni channel era.

What are the benefits?

The popularization of internet access and the change in consumer behavior make virtual transactions grow more and more. Find out what the benefits of Omnichannel –

  • Improved customer acquisition.
  • Increase in the conversion rate.
  • Higher ROI.
  • Increase in the possibility of data collection.
  • More satisfaction for the final consumer.
  • Consumer loyalty.

However, retailers face some challenges. Most customers compare prices via e-commerce and only close the purchase on the channel that offers the greatest financial and interactive benefit. Besides following the requirements of a new type of retail, it is necessary to focus on qualified service. The cross channel is a natural evolution of the multichannel consumer. Companies without a solid Omni retail strategy fall behind. Besides increasing the number of sales, this format ensures a consistent customer experience.

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