7 Key Principles for successful SEO Campaigns

For your SEO strategy to succeed, you need to pay attention to certain KPIs. But if you’re an SEO newbie, you likely don’t know what these KPIs are.

In reality, you can learn a lot about the success of your SEO campaigns, by focusing on just 7 KPIs.

Keep reading and you’ll discover what these 7 SEO KPIs are. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be able to judge any SEO campaign and decide whether it’s working.

For your ongoing SEO strategies, you need to follow a few principles like KPIs with more attention and get satisfactory results. In case you are doing entry-level SEO and consider yourself as a learner than this blog is for you.
Here we discuss certain KPIs much valuable and cover almost every aspect of SEO campaigns by focusing just seven processes. Let’s scroll down and find out what are these processes in detail. Once you read them carefully you can get enough knowledge to design and run affordable SEO campaigns.

Let’s start!

  1. Impressive Rankings

The ranking is one of the key priorities when it comes to SEO, achieving your ranking means you are on the right track. If you got poor ranking it means you need to redirect or change your SEO strategy.

It is a bit difficult to keep an eye on ranking every other day. And if you are working alone and having a large number of targeting keyword then you might lose a track at once. Keep one or two helping hands to meet your target.

It’s also difficult because you might end up ranking for things you didn’t aim to rank for. If you’re unaware of the terms related to these other rankings, you probably won’t know that you’re ranking for them.

Sometimes you got ranking on other keywords that you didn’t targeting or aim for ranking. Do not underestimate those keywords which you neglect in the past. Utilize the best tool to get this job done in a great manner.

  1. Drop Bounce Rate

The bounce rate will let you know the engagement parameter of your website. You can check the bounce rate, remember every page has a different rate if you found a higher rate on any particular pages that means it needs improvement and needs few changes to keep it interesting for your visitors.

Remember it is the special and essential task even if your website got a good ranking but if your pages look dull and dusky then the visitors will not engage with your content.

It is recommended to fasten bounce rate issues as soon you got the result, it is not even for your betterment but now Google also pays consideration to the website with a good rate. Less engagement means less ranking.

For a better rate, you might need to revamp or redesign a few pages or whole websites to make it more engaging.

  1. Get Enough Backlinks

Another reason for poor ranking is because of the backlinks shortage. Always get enough backlinks and aim to increase it more time by time. There are enormous tools available to get the accurate amount of backlinks.

It is quite time consuming to improve the number of backlinks. Check out your opponent’s strategy and get their sources. Once you got backlinks from the same source you will get a good result in a short time.

  1. Page Load Timing

One more key metric of SEO is “Page Loading Time” it has a huge impact on your overall SEO strategy, think yourself during your browsing session how quickly you close the window which takes enough time to load. Similarly, no one wants to wait and let your website open it’s a matter of seconds.

This factor will ultimately drop your sale or lead generation, even though you are focusing on other parameters quite well. There are couples of page speed insight tools available to overcome this major problem.

  1. Exit Pages Loop

Exit pages indicate the pages where your visitors usually leave your website. In some context, it is useful because it specifies the pages that must needs consideration or it might need to be removed or redesign to increase engagement.

Have brief analytics on those pages and vacate what factors affect those pages, appealing and information based contents generate good traffic with reasonable timing.

  1. Website’s Average Session Duration

This is a quite simple technique and it helps you out throughout your SEO, you can work directly on certain issues and pages once you can know the average timing of a visitor on your website.

Almost every major changes and redesigning based or average session duration, either it is because of long content or irrelevant information you placed on the website.

  1. Leads Generation

Last but not least, the ultimate goal and target of most of the organizations are to increase their sales or leads, so you need to focus this principle as much as you can.

If you think your each metrics looks fine but your lead generation is not satisfactory it means you might have a wrong selection of keywords or your targeted keywords do not apply to those products or industry. Or your product might drop ranking in the customer’s good book.


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