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At some point in everybody’s life, extra money is required to cover expected or unexpected expenses. These can include paying for the wedding, education, medical treatments, travel, day-to-day expenditures and more. Personal loans from authorised lenders come to the rescue in such situations. Today, more than ever, people are turning to mobile to get instant personal loans app

We are sharing with you the seven reasons why people in many cities of India now rely on a quick loan app: 

7 Reasons why to Use Personal Loan Apps

  • Convenience 

The most obvious reason for depending on a loan app is the convenience it provides. Since smartphones have become a staple for most individuals, a mobile app is easily accessible. You can learn about eligibility, documents required and apply form the app from the mobile. There is no need to visit the lender’s branch to complete the process. 

  • Apply after knowing the interest rate 

Once you apply for a loan, you get information on the loan amount and interest rate along with a loan application number. You now have the choice to go ahead with the filing.  

  • Use the eligibility calculator

Since apps give concise information, you get your eligibility for a loan instantly. Since the interest rate is shared with you when you share your eligibility and loan amount, you can then use an online calculator to calculate the monthly instalment you will pay for the loan tenure. It can all be done from the instant loan app, from your home or office.   

  • Speedy transactions

One of the many advantages of the Fullerton all is the speed of the process. With one click, you can download the form and fill it for processing your loan application. The apps download within a few minutes and another few minutes to complete the process of filing your personal loan application.

  • Upload documents 

If you have soft copies of your documents, then you can upload them online for verification. Some apps, like the mConnect app of Fullerton, accept scanned images of the documents.  The list of documents is provided, and you have to make sure that the correct documents are uploaded with your form. It saves so much time and effort. Usually, the documents you are required to upload include identity proof, address proof and salary slips of the past 3-6 months.

  • Quick disbursal

Once your loan amount is approved, a quick loan app will transfer the money directly to your registered account. The transaction is instant and quick. 

  • Tracking your loan

With the help of a loan app, you no longer have to connect with a customer service representative to know details. An instant loan app provides information on the due date for EMI, loan amount pending, etc.

The above are some of the advantages of using a quick Fullerton India instaloan app to apply for a personal loan. Do remember to choose a trustworthy lender before you download the app on your mobile and share your identity and financial details.

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