9 summer fashion tips to keep you styled up


While you are storing off your summer stuff to make space for the winter clothes in your wardrobe, often it’s tough to decide what to keep…What if you need that light red dress in winter for a special occasion! Then there are those items which you can’t let go of because they may still be in fashion next summer! We also know fashion trends change so quickly!

Yes, it is all very frustrating and confusing. But rest assured that there are a few styles and things that never go out of vogue. This list of summer styling tips would help you look nice and trendy anytime!

Go for Light Colors

The feeling of wearing blinding white or other light hues is matchless. This summer, as I was going through their catalog, Pakistani clothes online USA display was a treat for the eyes. I ended up buying three white short ethnic tunics! 

If we talk about high-school basic science, yeah, light colors keep us cooler in summers. But when it comes to styling, light hues do give a cool summer vibe. You can wear dark colors too, but try pairing them up with a lighter tone. Add it in the form of an airy scarf or white denim -it’s up to you! 

No-Makeup Look

No-makeup look was so in vogue this summer, and it is going to stay the same in the next one too. Put on the minimum of makeup products on your face. Let go of heavy eyeliners and dark lip colors. Choose lightly tinted foundation color for the evenings, and dab some natural pink tint on the cheeks. Skip the highlighter and let it stay light and natural during the day. Who wants to melt away all of it on the beach, anyway!

Go with the Flow [or Go for Flowy Dresses]

Who doesn’t love the lightness of fabrics – the way such clothes drape and hang loose on your body! Instead of trying to fit into tight dresses, go for the flowy ones. Light and breezy summer dresses are never going to go out of vogue. Look for chiffon, silk, lace, and light cotton while buying dresses. Even for shorts, choose light fabrics instead of going for the denim ones. 

Off-The-Shoulder is Always Hot

You can never go wrong with off-the-shoulder dresses in summers. If you own one, it is not going to be disposable – like ever. You can wear them while going for shopping, to evening events, and friends’ meet-ups. They are so easily styled with almost all types of shoes too.

Cling to Your Neutral Brown Bag

If you are not one of those people who change their handbags daily, a neutral brown bag is the safest choice to stick to. Even if you are going to hold onto just one handbag the whole season, this color is going to hold up to the challenge. It can go with denim, and any light or even dark colors.

Aviators are Forever!

 Did you see Tom Cruise showing off his famous pair of aviators more than once this summer? Well, I am not surprised. Aviators suit almost every face-cut and look super cool too. Get a pair in your favorite color, or in the one that goes with most of your summer dresses. You can have another pair of summer sunnies according to the seasonal trend, but aviators are something you can keep with you forever (or till you lose them or break them, that is!)

Own a Hat

Everybody should! Find out one that compliments your face shape perfectly. They not only make you look cool but also protect your face from exposure to direct sunlight. Wide brim straw fedora style hats were so in vogue this summer and are likely to be around next summer. If you don’t own one, you can visit a nearby milliner, and choose one that looks best on you. 

Braid or Bun

We all get sweaty greasy hair during summers, and they become the biggest styling hurdle when you have no time to take a shower. Well, I think summer braids are always going to stay in vogue because we lazy people are never going to let them go ever. You can simply roll up your hair and make a loose, messy bun, or simply braid your hair to get a nice, breezy summer look. A bun works better for people with dry hair type, whereas, a braid can stylishly hide your oily hair. 

Stripe it Up

 A striped shirt is the perfect summer clothing piece to own, and it is never going to go out of style either. You can wear one with anything, a pair of denim, shorts, or plain white trousers, etc. They give out such a classy summer vibe. If you don’t own one, you can go through the summer collection catalogs of different stores online. I’m sure you will find one.

Good luck!


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