9Apps Games – The source for the latest and greatest games

9Apps games is the game distribution division of the 9Apps app and game distribution platform which consists of their website and the Android application.

What kinds of games are available on it?

All sorts of games are available on it ranging from arcade to racing to multi-player games covering games from maximum developers.

Why 9Apps games?

The main reason to use to use 9Apps games instead of any other games website or application is its streamlined approach towards bringing its users what they actually want. It is also regularly updated so all the latest and greatest games are almost always available.

When was 9Apps founded?

It was founded in December 2013

Who owns 9Apps?

9Apps is owned by the Alibaba group

What are the benefits of 9Apps games?

The main benefits of 9Apps games is that they are very well optimized to be used on smartphones and tablets.

Do I need to pay for the games available on 9Apps games?

All of the games on the 9Apps games app and web version are absolutely free. You don’t need to pay a dime.

Is 9Apps safe to use?

9Apps is absolutely safe to use since all the apps and games available on it come from trusted sources and are verified.

Is it easy to use?

It was designed keeping the ease of use by the people in mind. So you can expect a very simple and straightforward approach towards the UI.

What about my security?

The privacy and security of our users are of the utmost importance to us. Hence, all the users can rest assured that they will have complete and total security from almost anything such as Malware and cyber-attacks.

Are the apps and games on 9Apps updated?

All the apps available on 9Apps are updated on a regular basis and are protected against all of the latest threats.

Can users publish their own games on 9Apps?

If you are a verified game developer, then you can most certainly publish your games.

What is the procedure for uploading Android games on 9Apps?

All verified game developers can send their games to us and we can upload those for them.

What if my device gets damaged by downloading games from 9Apps?

9Apps will take no responsibility for any damage incurred to you or your devices through the use of our apps.

Where all is 9Apps available?

9Apps is available across various countries and continents such as India, Russia, Brazil, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Will the 9App app slow my phone down?

The 9App app is very light on resources and is not very demanding, so it should in no way slow your phone down.

How do I update my games?

You can check for any available updates for your games through the 9App app and can download and install them from right there. You can also enable automatic updates by going into the settings.


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