A comprehensive Guide to Selecting Freestanding Fireplace


If you want your home to feel cozy, stylish and distinct, then probably you need a contemporary freestanding fireplace. Over the years fireplaces have evolved a lot. They are no more than a substance to heat your home. Instead, they are the part of modish homes that elevate the experience by exuding sophistication. From the conventional wood-burning fireplaces, we have traversed a long way. Today we have chic styled freestanding fireplaces to enlighten our spaces. From electric to portable clean-burning bioethanol variants, we have endless options for freestanding fireplaces. 

In this article, we are going to discuss more about the contemporary freestanding fireplaces- their types and pros of using them. 

So let’s get started…

Top Choices for Freestanding Fireplaces

There are innumerous types of fireplaces available in the market. However, selecting its type completely depends on you and preferences as per your space. Mentioned below are some of the most common selections available:

1. Cabinet Styled:

This is a versatile style fireplace that works as a storage unit, a piece of décor as well as an exotic fireplace.  

2. Ventless:

This freestanding fireplace allows you to place it almost anywhere. This comes as ease because of the absence of pipe or chimney to the exterior of fireplaces. This particular fireplace type works as an excellent source of warmth. However, this ventless fireplace also produces dampness so to avoid it follow the manufacturer’s instructions for its proper usage.

3. Insert:

This is a self-contained unit that allows it to easily fit into an existing firebox. This fireplace has exterior venting and is attached to a fan for transmitting heat to the house.

4. Wall mount

This fireplace works like a true piece of art as its elegant design allows you to hang it anywhere on the wall. 

5. Tabletop and Portable:

If you want your room to be filled with a pristine aura that spreads the splendor of sparkling flames to every corner of the house then consider using this movable fireplace.

6. Vented:

The vented fireplaces come as an improved alternative to traditional chimney based freestanding fireplaces. Most of the fireplaces need a chimney to draw away the smoke, carbon monoxide and fumes. But, unfortunately, they also channel out the warm air with it. Thus, to conserve energy these vented fireplaces are used. These fireplaces feature two individual pipes-one for pulling out air from the exterior for instigating fire and another one for pulling out smoke and fumes.

Why Install a Freestanding Fireplace?

Freestanding, as its name suggests, unlike traditional fireplaces these do not require to be built into a home. This is the biggest reason why these fireplaces are touted as budget-friendly. Luckily, when you choose freestanding fireplaces you neither need to worry about budget nor installation. It will warm your home as well as add appeal to it. Additionally, when you sell your home you will yield a good return on investment. So, if you want to install a fireplace just for enjoyment, then an economical freestanding alternative is the best option.

Apart from this, some other pointers where contemporary freestanding fireplaces outperform traditional ones include:


When it comes to enhancing aesthetics of home there is nothing quite like a freestanding fireplace. Without altering your home settings they serve the purpose very well. They increase your home’s value too without digging a hole in your pocket. Moreover, their easy installation makes them fit your space as per your preference. This elevates your home’s elegance while complementing its 


Struggling with limited space but still want to add fanciness of a fireplace? Worry not! You have freestanding fireplaces to suffice your needs. Fitted with built-in cabinets and shelves, these fireplaces are spatially efficient. They serve a perfect combination of a source of heat, storage unit, and a décor piece. 


When compared to traditional fireplaces, freestanding provides you the ease of low maintenance. Its electric variant that generates heat using electricity over combustion is the cheapest as well as the one with the lowest maintenance

 Are Freestanding Fireplaces worth

Choosing the type of fireplace completely depends on your specific needs. However, when it comes down to budget and installation freestanding fireplaces offer the best choice. They are less expensive, easy to use, and do not need tons of upkeep. Additionally, they are also available in high-end stylish models. They offer you a huge variety and options to choose from. Whether its appearance, style, or mode of combustion, freestanding fireplaces have a lot to offer you.

So, whether it’s your romantic date or time for curling up a book, there is a fireplace for your every need.

Choose from a wide range of exquisite options and install your most favored freestanding fireplace to warm up your cozy winter nights!!


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