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Netgear EX6100 WiFi extender increases the distance of a home network by enhancing the existing WiFi range and boosting the overall signal quality over a long distance. Netgear EX6100 setup extender repeats the internet signals from an existing WiFi router or the access point (AP).

Meet Your Range Extender

Prior to installing the range extender, please familiarize yourself with the LEDs, buttons, and ports of it.

netgear ex6100

Descriptions of LED on Netgear EX6100

Router Link LED

This LED light indicates the connection between your EX6100 and the existing router or access point (AP).

  • Solid Green: Indicates that the connection between your devices is best.

  • Solid Amber: Indicates that the connection between your devices is good.

  • Solid Red: Indicates that the connection between your devices is poor.

  • And if you don’t see any LED, then it means there is no connection.

Client Link LED

This LED light indicates the connection between your EX6100 extender and a computer, laptop or mobile device.

  • If the LED is solid green, it means that there is the best connection between your devices.

  • If the LED is solid amber, it indicates a good connection.

  • If you see a solid red LED, it indicates that the connection between your devices is poor.

  • Off means that there is no connection.

Power LED

  • Solid amber LED light indicates that your EX6100 extender is still booting.

  • Solid green LED light indicates that your extender is powered on properly.

  • And if the LED is off, it means that your device (extender) is powered off and you have to push the power button on it once.


  • Solid green LED indicates that the WiFi security on your extender is enabled (WPA or WPA2).

  • Blinking green indicates that the WPS connection is in progress.

  • Off: Please enable WiFi security.

Installation of Netgear EX6100

  • Place your extender in the same room as of your existing WiFi router.

  • Apply power to your Netgear device.

  • Connect your extender to your main WiFi network.

  • The power LED on your device will blink.

  • If it doesn’t, push the power button.

Connect your range extender to the existing home WiFi Network

To extend the range of your existing WiFi network, you must connect the Netgear EX6100 extender to your home network. You can perform this in one of the following two ways:

  • Connect with WPS.

  • Connect with Netgear Genie Setup.

Connect With WiFi-Protected Setup (WPS)

WPS lets you join a wireless network (secure) without typing the SSID and password/passkey.

The WPS button does not support Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) network security. In case you are using this security, follow the steps below.

  • On the side panel of your Netgear EX6100 range extender, push the WPS button.

The WPS LED will start blinking.

  • Within a minute press the WPS button on your main router as well or the access point.

  • As a matter of fact, the WPS LED on your extender lights solid green.

The Router Link LED will light up which will indicate that the extender is connected to your main WiFi network.

Now, you are free to move your range extender to your desired location and enjoy the extended speed of the internet everywhere, even in blind spots.

Note: In case the Router Link LED does not light up, then try again later. And if you are still facing issues even after trying again later, then try connecting your device using the Netgear Genie setup.

Connect with Netgear Genie Setup

  • Make sure that your range extender is properly plugged into a wall socket closer to the main WiFi router.

  • Also, ensure that the range extender switch is set to the extender.

  • After that, launch a web browser from a computer or laptop that is connected with the extender WiFi network or with the help of an Ethernet cable and type into the URL bar. And if you are using an Apple or iOS device, type mywifiext.local.

Now, the browser will redirect you to the Netgear Genie setup page.

  • Select a 2.4 GHz network.

  • Click on Continue.

  • Type the passkey/network key in the field of password and tap on continue.

  • Select a 5GHz network.

  • Click on continue.

Note: Tap on the skip button, if your main WiFi router supports the 5Ghz band.

  • Enter the network password.

  • Tap on the continue button.

  • Click on the public or private network.

  • Tap on continue.

  • Now, in the 2.4G and 5G SSID, type in the SSIDs of your new extender wireless network and tap on continue.

  • Click on the checkbox and tap on continue.

Unplug your Netgear device and plug it to a new and airy location.

Note: In case you face not working issues, then use the Netgear extender’s default IP address. For this, you must see Netgear WiFi range extender manual. You can also contact us on 1-855-844-0144 (toll-free). We provide support for Netgear products.

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