A guide to building cryptocurrency exchange like Binance

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Cryptocurrency is widely used amongst business people for transactions as it provides immediate exchange, and all the transactions can be stored digitally. Experts predict that Binance, Huobi, Apollo, McAfee all launched decentralized or semi-decentralized exchanges, anticipating a growing demand for trading platforms. “We aim at introducing new security measures as soon as possible, as they can become obsolete in 6 months,” says CEO of Binance. They are leveling up their security features as they are anticipating more users.

Many factors decide the cost of developing a Binance clone script like plug-ins, APIs, and other trading features, and hence, the cost put forth by cryptocurrency exchange development companies may vary. Apart from that, the customization cost should also be taken into account. Let us look at some of the aspects involved in developing a digital currency exchange platform.

How to develop the Binance clone script?

  • Discovery stage

The first stage in developing the Binance clone script is to do market research. The developers must have an in-depth understanding of the cryptocurrency and its exchanges. They must look upon the competitor apps and decide on the features to deploy on their application. While studying competitor products, they should also look for their pros and cons. The app to be built has to overcome the shortcomings of the pre-existing digital currency exchange applications. The experts should come up with ways to attract investors and users. 

  • Planning stage

After the market research, the findings should be used to plan on building your Binance clone app. Try to include these functionalities:

  • New wallet creation: Digital wallets allow users to store their digital coins so that they transact quickly. 
  • Account management: This is similar to a regular dashboard; users can view their previous transaction, account details, and more when required.
  • Multi-currency exchange: The application should support the extensively used cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, etc, allowing users to exchange their currencies effortlessly.
  • Real-time cryptocurrency rate chart: Binance clone app must include current market trends and conversion calculators. 
  • Push notification: Notification should intimate users at every stage of the transaction processing and also about the price change of their frequently used currency.
  • Cryptocurrency guide: There are many new users interested in cryptocurrency exchanges, so it will be beneficial to them if the app listed a small description of each currency and steps to exchange using the Binance clone app.
  • Mobile Platforms: Deploy your app on multiple platforms like iOS and Android. By doing so, you have a good chance of covering a broad audience.
  • Technology stack

These are the technology used in Binance clone app development 

Backend development

  • Java
  • Node.js

    Front-end development

  • React Native
  • Angular or React

    Payment Integration

  • Bitpay
  • Coinify
  • Team Required

    There are several ways to hire a team for your app. Either you can opt for clone app development companies who provide clients with a fully functional app or hire a team of freelance developers.

  • A backend developer with the knowledge of Java or Node.js
  • An iOS developer
  • An Android developer
  • A front-end developer experienced with the selected front-end development technologies
  • A graphic designer
  • A QA engineer to test the product
  • A project manager to coordinate the development

Prototype modeling 

Before developing a fully functional app, a prototype or a minimum viable product can be developed. This method is beneficial for app owners who have a reasonable budget for the project. On the other hand, you can showcase the prototype to potential investors.

  • Development stage

After testing the Binance clone app for its prototype, the front-end and back-end development begin. Frontend and backend development takes 8 and 10 weeks, respectively. The development time differs as it depends on various factors.

The various stages involved in digital exchange app development are:

  • Pre-design stage
  • Design stage
  • Development stage
  • Support stage

Summing up:

Cryptocurrency exchanges are widely supported by governments nowadays, as they believe they can expand their business through these digital currency exchange platforms. The main advantage of using digital currency is the lack of government involvement, immediate transaction, storing digital currency easily, etc. The process of developing an app like Binance from scratch is tedious and time-consuming. Instead, the business owners can opt for ready-made Binance clone scripts offered by leading clone app development companies. There are several pros for choosing these clone apps such as customization, time & cost-efficient, free technical assistance, and more additional perks. Business owners can efficiently launch their clone apps through these viable services.


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