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Best Abu Dhabi desert safari fun activities, Abu Desert Safari Tour with Fun Activities in 2021

You know Abu Dhabi is the home of government and the most popular city of the United Arab Emirates. The Abu Dhabi desert safari is one of the most beautiful places. Around the globe, people come for visiting the beautiful desert safari.

Choose the residence hotel in Abu Dhabi due to the modern environment and the desert safari.

The Abu Dhabi desert safari comprises a lot of energetic and fun activities for the visitors. The desert safari Dubai from Abu Dhabi savor a delicious meal such that BBQ dinner with tea, camel riding on dunes, buggy rides with a thrilling view, and the dune bashing with 4×4 vehicle.

Just take a moment and think about these activities, your heart must be like to go to this wonderful place with affordable deals. 

Guideline for Abu Dhabi desert safari tour

Pick the right time of the day at the desert

Pick the right time for desert safari from the morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and the overnight desert safari. You can pick your desert safari time according to your wish. In the evening and overnight desert safari, there is much more fun instead of the morning because there are not too many people in the morning time.

Plan your outfits

Before coming to the desert, plan tour outfits like shoes, clothes, and a bag. Don’t forget to take a light dress when you come to the desert because of the sand. The slippers must be needed for a desert trip.

Have willing power to adjust in this place 

At desert safari, there are different kinds of people come around the globe, also different fun activities, so having a willing power makes you able to adjust to this environment.

Keep some money for the shop

Don’t take a heavy amount with you but keep some money to buy something at the desert camp shops. If you want to ride on a camel or dune bashing, don’t take money with you maybe it lost during jumping.

Need open shoes

You know the desert is full of sand, so for walking in the desert you need open shoes. You can walk on sand easily if you wear an open shoe.

T-shirts and stalls also needed | Abu Desert Safari Tour

The heavy dresses are not suitable for the desert trip because the climate of the desert always changes and mostly warm. The T-shirts are comfortable dresses, trousers shirts, and kurta is the best option. Stalls are needed for morning and evening because of a bit cold.

Be an awareness of safety precautions 

You need to know about all safety precautions to enjoy the desert safari trip with your family and friends. The tourism guidance people give you safety precautions before you come to the desert and it’s your responsibility to keep in mind those safety steps.

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