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Advertisement for products and services is of great importance for businesses. Some helpful Instagram pages also offer free tutorials for various activities and projects making it easy for their followers. Often, the best way to do such tasks is to put a link in your Instagram posts, stories or any other favorable places. People can then follow those links to interact with the ad, tutorial or whatever is offered in them.

However, to add a link in Instagram posts at the right location is the most important decision. Usually, Instagram stories or posts are perfect places to put links in making them intractable for followers and other reached audiences. We have a few pro tips that can help you place the right links at the right places. Read below to find out How to Add Link to Instagram Post:

Add Links or Ads in Instagram Stories

Stories are some of the most viewed pieces of content on Instagram. Since their introduction, stories have increased average time spend by any user up to 10 minutes on this social media platform. Adding links or links in ads with stories can definitely provide benefits for marketers or personal bloggers alike. Here’s how you can do it:

  • You will need to have more than 10K followers or a verified account in order to access Instagram’s much useful tool. The Swipe Up Link in stories.
  • Using this swipe up link, you can link your content to any webpages or other forms of links. Whether you have a new product under any story content or a tutorial, they can be linked effectively.
    • Click the link icon in your story (it should be visible to accounts with more than 10K followers or one that is verified). Enter the link you want in the space.
    • Click ‘Done’ in the top right corner and your story should have a swipe up link functionality.
  • For verified accounts that don’t have 10K followers, you need to click on the link button that resembles a chain.
    • Now, click on the “+URL” tab and place the link to any webpage you want. There is also an option to choose a link to your IGTV video as well but that is a whole different discussion altogether.
    • Having typed the URL, click “Done” in the top right corner and your swipe up link should be live.

These swipe up links are particularly useful when you have longer than 1-minute videos to be linked to. Any product or service ads can also benefit as swiping up, users will land directly on the intended webpages. Any Instagrammer who has been using the app in recent times should know how these look like. For e-commerce based businesses, swipe up based links are very beneficial indeed.

Any product order forms or inside Instagram links can also be posted using stories based links. This can be a powerful tool when you know how to do it right boosting sales or reach for websites.

Providing Links in Post or Content Description

If you have an Instagram account that uses a lot of posts and content uploads, providing link in the description can be a good tool. This is a lot simpler process and available to all Instagram accounts as well.

All you need to do is to select your image or video normally and they write your description as well. In the description, you can add links. Sometimes these links might not become actionable or clickable. For that, you can first write them and make them clickable in text writing platforms like Microsoft Word. Copying the link into you description should solve the problem.

How to Add Website Link to Instagram Post doesn’t get simpler than this. You can link to any website or other social media pages. Linking to order forms for products based websites or service pages for service industry websites is a great option.

The only thing to consider is that these links will only be visible to people actually reading your content description. Placing them right at the top of your description is the best idea as only a few characters are visible without users having to click on “Read More” tab.

Adding Links in Profile Bio

Adding links to profile bio is also a great option for personal or business accounts. If your business Instagram page is based from a website, you can link it in the bio. With these, Instagram followers could land on your website directly by clicking the link.

This is also a straightforward process. You will need to type in the website address in your bio and simply press enter for it to become clickable. It will show up in blue color kind of separating it from rest of the content in your profile bio.

Any product or service based websites can be linked using this technique. Followers don’t even have to click on any individual posts for these links to show. Every follower who clicks your profile will see your bio link and be able to click on it to land on the website intended. All these link options are great when you do them right boosting performance for businesses.

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