All You Need To Know About Remote Starters In Cars

Its 45oC outside and your car are parked in a parking lot. It has absorbed all the heat and is heating like a blast furnace. You open the car door and sit inside, crank the engine and turn on the AC to the fullest. If you have often been to such situations and are wondering how to get rid of this forever, the only solution for this is getting remote starters. However, if you have never heard about it then here is a brief guide for you. 

Understanding The Concept Of Remote Starters In Woodbridge

As the name justifies, a remote starter is a wireless, radio-controlled tool that can start/stop your car’s engine from a certain distance. Generally, the car remote starters are in the form of key fobs attached with buttons for the action of ignition along with other functions.  Although the distance from which these remotes will work is usually listed on the item’s packaging. Some models have a range between 500-1000 feet while some robust starters come with a range stretching as far as a mile. 

Apart from just cranking the engines, these starters can lock and unlock the doors, turn on the heater or AC, pop the trunk, warm up your seats or carry out many other things. However, not every starter can do that, so it is best to read the device’s specifications to be totally sure about what all it can do. While if you want to control your car’s temperature then you can also get your auto window tinted in Woodbridge

Understanding The Working Principle Of Remote Starters:

These starters work with the help of radiofrequency where a box is connected to your car’s ignition switch and other basic startup mechanisms. When you press the ignition button on your key fob or remote then it sends a signal to the receiver to turn on the systems that start the engine.  

Evaluating The Costing:

It somewhat ranges from the costing of $50 to $200. However, there are a few important notes that you should keep in mind like: 

  • This cost does not include installation charges. The installation process can run as high as a couple of hundred bucks more so you should do some research on how much it will cost to get one installed in your car.
  • Premium brand and extra features will make things pricier. If you are only looking for a starter that starts your car and turns on the heater or AC then digs a little to find a model with those basic features only.  

All About Installing a Remote Starter: 

When it comes to installing a starter, you should let the professionals handle it. Remote starters might seem basic and some models even come with instructions on how to install it but are highly recommended that you get it done by professionals only.  

  • You will need a professional because older makes and models can complicate things. New cars are often equipped with brand new and premium add-ons like remote starters, parking cameras, and more. 
  • The feature of alarms and in-built theft systems in cars are installed with the installation of a remote starter. A professional who is skilled in such aspects can handle such situations.   

What Is Bypass Modules And Why Are They Important?

Basically, a bypass module is a device that is installed in your car that allows a remote starter’s signal to crank the engine. And you will surely need it if you are planning to add a remote starter or looking for custom rims and tires for your car. In short, a bypass module is important. Many of the anti-theft modules require a specific, physical key to be in the car’s ignition for them to work. Since the main purpose of the remote starter is to start the car remotely, a bypass module is required to “trick” the engine into thinking there’s an actual key inserted into the ignition.


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