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There are a lot of industries where workers’ feet get exposed to water, additive oils, chemical solutions, and animal liquid. To avoid the various types of fungal infections and abrasions caused due to exposing the feet to water or similar liquids, it is important to wear Waterproof Safety Shoes. Apart from industrial workers, waterproof safety shoes are used by people associated with sports, hiking, and forestry industries. Today, these shoes can be found anywhere from the most rugged safety boots for industrial conditions to elegant formal shoes worn by corporate employees. Well, there are a lot of companies in the market offering waterproof safety shoes in a wide range of designs and colours. Before shopping for these safety shoes, you should know the following information about water-proof safety shoes. :

  • Understanding the various technical codes related to safety shoes is key to choosing the best variant. The term WR is used for water-resistant footwear, where the entire body from the upper to the outsole is made from water-resistant materials. To qualify the WR parametre, after immersing in water, the total wetted area inside the footwear shall be ≤ 3cm². Similarly, the term WRU stands for water-resistant upper. So, these shoes comprise a water-resistant upper part and the rest body does not provide protection from water.
  • The footwear with WR marking has a waterproof membrane inside that protects the wearer’s shoes from the liquids. In some WR shoes, there is no membrane but the body of the shoes is sealed with some special sealing adhesive. There are many waterproof membranes available on the market, GORE-TEX and Sympatex being the most common one. This laminate prevents water from entering the shoe, while still allowing the feet to breathe comfortably.
  • Water-proof shoes should provide comfort while performing all outdoor activities, even in extreme weather conditions. Ideally these shoes should be made from leather or high-quality textiles. While leather shoes are most comfortable, they require regular maintenance. Due to constant exposure to water or other liquids, oils on the leather boot may be depleted of its natural water resistance. Therefore, it is important to manually oil the leather on a regular basis. Beeswax materials, silicones, and baby oil are good waterproofing materials for full-grain leathers.
  • Today, waterproof shoes are much cost-efficient than they were only a few years ago. This change is primarily because of the expiration of the Gore-Tex patent and improved technology in working with leathers. Both these developments have allowed for improved waterproof membrane materials and lower prices.
  •  There is a wide range of designs available in waterproof safety footwear, including shoes, rangers, ankle boots, and riggers. Some footwear comprises special soles like VIBRAM. There are also boots with or without side zipper, firefighter boots, chainsaw resistant boots. These shoes are designed considering the infinite number of situations where a worker needs waterproof safety shoes. Make sure the safety shoes you purchase are slip-resistant as watery surfaces are slippery. The right heel weight and a skid-resistant sole is important for walking on moist areas.
  •  There are hundreds of manufacturers that produce water-proof safety shoes. But a few brands have gained special recognition due to their technology-focused approach, combined with the expertise in bringing the aesthetic appeal. If you are solely buying the shoes for safety, then we suggest you opt for a pair of branded shoes. Plus, before buying a pair of shoes, inspect the safety parametres demanded in your organization. 

Conclusion– Waterproof safety shoes take care of your feet by providing the required barriers of protection from water and other liquids. These shoes are available in a wide range of materials and designs. While selecting a pair of waterproof shoes, it is important to consider the level of protection and comfort that it offers. Plus, it should be durable and easy-to-maintain.

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