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An overview of offshore wind farms and how they operate

An overview of offshore wind farms and how they operate

Thanks to technology, the use of renewable energy are becoming more affordable. More businesses are venturing into the industry due to the significant cost reduction in investments in the sector. One of the trending innovations in the industry is the establishment of offshore wind farms. The move is in line with the goal of European countries to switch at least 80% of households to renewable energy in wind power. 

Tapping into the wind’s power is beneficial to the public and governments. It is a commercially viable investment for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the renewable energy sector. They can benefit from expert help at You probably wonder how offshore wind farms operate; let us look at what it entails and how it works.

Offshore Wind Energy and its Benefits

Utilizing the wind power available in deep waters of the sea is what gives the energy. Offshore wind farms tap into the resources and convert them to electricity for distribution to households. It entails setting up large turbines and monopoles that enable the production of sustainable energy. 

Offshore wind farms differ from onshore ones. Logistics in the former option is more complex than the latter because of the environment they exist in. However, unlike the onshore option, there are minimal interruptions to the wind supply in an offshore setting. The characteristic makes offshore wind energy production higher than what the mainland farms can achieve. Apart from the capacity, below are other benefits of offshore wind energy production;

  • Energy production is cheaper and rivals electricity from fossil fuels.
  • Setting up on the deep waters does not take up space on the mainland. In addition, the farms can be vast due to the massive area in the sea.
  • Offshore wind farms have a limited impact on the environment. The setup is far from seaways or fishing grounds.

How it Works

Energy from offshore wind farms is clean and affordable. The developers identify an area in the deep waters where there are robust and consistent winds. In addition, the seas beds are mostly shallow. Monopiles are the structures that offer support to the turbines for energy generation from wind. However, recent innovations see the introduction of floating turbines that do not have anchorage to the bottom of the sea. 

The towers above the sea have blades that rotate as the wind blows. It creates an aerodynamic force that converts wind energy into electricity through a generator. The principle is similar to how onshore wind energy production works. However, the equipment in offshore applications is much larger than the ones in a mainland plant. It is one of the reasons why the capacity of wind energy production in the deep waters is higher than in the mainland.  

After the turbines in an offshore wind farm convert the energy into electricity, cables will transmit the power into a substation on the sea for stepping up before moving through high voltage cables to the mainland for distribution. 

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