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Android Mobile Data Terminals and Label Printer-DT 50, DT 50 (UHF), DT 40 and K329-Help You Prepare for the Busy Black Friday

As Black Friday is around the corner, have you got fully prepared for the passion of people who will shop till they drop at this season? Along with black Friday, the heavy workload of people in logistics, delivery, and payment processes is also tricky for retail stores and logistic companies. However, convenient and powerful scanning, management and printing tools will reduce your workload to a large extend. 

As a leading PDA scanners, payment terminals and mobile computers supplier, Urovo gets your back by offering high-end and multi-purposed logistic and retail tools of smart mobile terminal DT50, DT50 (UHF), DT40 and portable Bluetooth label printer K329. Urovo is here to help. You can trust us completely.

What will you confront when Black Friday is drawing near?

(1) Inadequate staff

Facing the heavy workload and the approaching of Thanksgiving day, people have to spend time with someone they are grateful for. Inadequate employees are problems that retail stores or logistics companies have to deal with.

  1. The heavy workload from products management, payment and label printing needs
    Meeting with the biggest shopping season, some people will purchase a lot at this shopping season. Tools for managing goods, dispatching employees, and printing labels would benefit extremely for Black Friday.

    (3) Without appropriate scheduling and execution
    Many retail stores will stock a certain number of goods. However, suppose it doesn’t schedule properly. In that case, the warehouse will be disordered, and employees will be in great confusion. Urovo’s data terminals are here to construct an intelligent goods managing and staff dispatching system. That saves labor and schedules work more efficiently.

    How can the mobile terminals and the compact Bluetooth label printer help you during the Black Friday season? Let’s have a look at their features.

    Urovo’s Solutions to Black Friday or Other Shopping Holidays
  1. Urovo’s mobile terminals helps solve the inadequate staff problem.

Have you wondered that many people will flood into you store to buy products, but without enough staff, you shop is crowded with people and is in a chaos. With Urovo’ s portable data terminal (DT50, DT40, or DT50U) at hand, one or two employees is enough to maintain order. Employees can carry the mobile label printer K329 to work freely. The printing needs will be greatly satisfied. 

  1. Streamlining the product management system and payment process, which enhances work efficiency to a new level
  1. Urovo’s mobile terminals are advantageous in retail management.

Receiving goods, warehousing management, product management, shopping services, taking stock of goods, product allocation and UMS device managing platform. First, with one Urovo’s mobile terminal at hand, the inadequate staff problem will be alleviated with the retail management function. Second, the work efficiency will be enhanced to a new level.

(2) Various payment approaches contribute to simplify the payment process

Support full-featured counter machine for payment, payment of mobile terminal, face-scanning payment and code scanning payment. All these payment approaches simplifies the payment to a large extend, which speed up the work pace extremely.

(3) Strong scanning abilities accelerates the pace of collecting information.

The fast scanning speed of the mobile terminals quicken the work pace to a higher level. 

  1. Proper scheduling and immediate execution

Urovo’ portable data terminals keep the whole cycle of products visible and traceable, from warehouse receiving to the selling of the products. That enables scheduling the products properly and people will take initiative in execution, such as dispatching people to where there is a staff inadequacy or reduce the employees where there is personnel over saturated.

  1. Door to door delivery
    Direct delivery to outlets, delivery from warehouse, and door to door delivery is acceptable. Door-to-door delivery realizes the real-time information visible for the superior; therefore, they can dispose urgent problems quickly.

The above features of Urovo’ mobile terminals retail management, various payment approaches, and door to door delivery will be extremely conducive to lessening heavy burden of product management and complicated payment process. 

What Urovo’s mobile terminal can do is more than the above we’ve mentioned.

RFID handheld reader DT 50 (UHF) excels at long-range scanning. The strong scanning barcode ability enables it to be an excellent long-range reader. If you’re interested, please visit their products pages accordingly or visit our site to explore more.

What can portable Bluetooth label printer K329 do in retail?

  • Compact and light-weighted, one hand can hold

Palm-sized Bluetooth printer is compact and light-weighted. One hand can hold, perfect for tagging products in retail stores.

  • Capable of color and watermark printing

Tough it looks small, the portable Bluetooth label printer owns multiple functions. With 203 dpi resolution printing, the portable receipt printer can produce HD color and watermark printing.

  • Fast speed of printing
    The printing speed has reached 120mm/s, and multi-languages, number, graphics, and barcodes can be printed, enhancing work efficiency to a higher level. Large tagging printing needs can be meet.
  • Deployed a 2600 mAh battery, the long service time is guaranteed.
    A 2600mAh large battery supports the whole day working, satisfying the needs of long time printing.

Here are the application scenes of Urovo’s mobile terminals and portable Bluetooth label printer.

  • Application of Mobile Terminal DT 50
  • Application of RFID Long-Range Reader DT 50 (UHF)
  • Application of Mobile Terminal DT 40

  • Application of Portable Bluetooth Label Printer K329

Convenient Accessories

Why mobile terminal DT50, DT50 (UHF) and DT40 are called portable data terminals? Part of the reason is that various accessories facilitate their usage in working.

  • Accessories for DT 50

Fingerprint battery cover

Single Cradle

Pistol Grip

5-slot cradle

Hand strap

  • Accessories for DT 50 (UHF)

Cradle slot

  • Accessories for DT 40

Scan trigger

Single cradle

Multi-functional cradle

  1. slot battery charger

Such practical accessories enable Urovo’s mobile data terminals to become more portable and convenient for work. As a result, work efficiency increases to a new level and they can meet different scenarios with these accessories. Therefore, Urovo’s mobile terminals would greatly meet your needs during Black Friday season or other shopping holidays.


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