Applying to a Caribbean medical school can save you time & money plus provide you a unique one-time experience

It does sound bold and too good to be true, but in all sincerity; studying at a Caribbean medical school will prove beneficial to the hopefuls who aspire to be physicians in the true sense. The programs, curricula and standards are competitive, and the degrees are internationally recognized as well.

Less than half of the applicants to medical schools in mainland United States are accepted each year. A lot of students give up their hopes for a degree in medicine because of the long & stringent application process. Plus, the tuition fees at most American schools is twice as high when compared to a Caribbean medical school.

The following are the reasons why you should take admission at a medical school in the Caribbean if you aspire to be a physician:

1.  Complete Evaluation

When you compare your probability of getting admission in a stateside medical school to that of winning a lottery, you believe that you can easily win a lottery. That is because the acceptance rate at medical schools in mainland USA are low due to a variety of reasons.

Caribbean medical schools on the other hand have higher acceptance rates and have two intake periods: August and February. They do not rely solely on MCAT scores. Rather, they take interviews once the needed MCAT score level is cleared. They also have more comprehensive methods of evaluation other than MCAT.

Caribbean medical schools understand that MCAT and high school GPA are not the sole indicators of a student’s ability to become a qualified and knowledgeable physician. They often interview students to find out their true intellect as well as their determination, passion and potential.

2. Higher acceptance rates of admission

Last year, of the approximately 53,000 American high school graduates who applied to stateside medical schools, only 21,000 were accepted. The acceptance probability rate of an American student getting accepted into a stateside medical school is 40%. Ivy League medical schools become long shots which are impossible to reach.

Caribbean medical schools use holistic interviewing and evaluation methods which raise the acceptance rates to more than that of mainland American average. These medical schools also do not rely solely on high school GPA and MCAT scores.

3. They have two intake periods in a year

Caribbean medical schools have two intakes in a year: February and August. US high school graduates who get rejected by American medical schools must wait a full year to give the test again. Apart from that, most Caribbean medical schools accept admissions a few weeks before the semester begins, giving American students a critical advantage in their dreams to become a physician.

4. Accelerated study programs are offered by Caribbean medical schools

Caribbean medical schools have articulation agreements with post-secondary institutions that allow accelerated programs. Such allows most students to complete pre-medical coursework in two years. Qualified students completing such programs are guaranteed admission across all Caribbean medical schools.

5. Caribbean medical schools are affiliated with stateside clinical rotation programs

The best part about top-notch Caribbean medical schools is that their clinical affiliate network is large and extensive. Most Caribbean island nations are members of the world health organization (WHO) and because of that, they have an extensive clinical affiliate network. Apart from American clinical rotation programs, these medical schools have good relations with clinics in the United Kingdom, India, Canada and Cuba.

6. Graduates of Caribbean Medical Schools are successful

Caribbean Medical Schools interview applicants differently. Hence, their graduates score high in the USMLE step 1 quite nicely. Graduates not only secure very good residency placements in top-notch healthcare benefits institutions in mainland United States but also secure good residency options in Canada and the United Kingdom as well.

7. Caribbean islands are a tropical paradise

Caribbean islands are tropical paradise which not only offer round the day sunlight but also a good round the year weather. English is the main language spoken in most Caribbean islands and close proximity to the United States gives American contemporary and pop culture a good following.

The US Dollar is widely accepted and flights to mainland United States are not only affordable but also are least likely to cause any jetlag.

What is your choice?

These features sound alluring? They do and are also very true in their essence. Life in the Caribbean for a student is great and the Caribbean island nations are safe. Apply for Bachelor of Medicine degree program at Windsor University School of Medicine. Its degree program is as good as any American Caribbean medical university.

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