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When you search for sites where you can watch the latest movies for free, you will find hundreds of them on the web. But most people don’t know that these sites are illegal as they upload pirated content. Moviesflix Pro and Movie wood are one of them. However, both the sites are not the same but they provide somewhat the same features.

About Moviesflix Pro and Moviewood

Moviesflix Pro is considered one of the best sites for watching or downloading Bollywood, Tamil and Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies. This site is known for uploading movies of all genres which to be downloaded or viewed for free.

On the other hand, Moviewood is known as one of the best sites for downloading movies as it releases the latest movies on its site of Bollywood and Hollywood. It also uploads movies of different languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and dubbed films as well.

Similarities between Moviesflix Pro and Moviewood

  • Both the sites, Moviesflix Pro and Moviewood provides content for free.
  • Both sites allow users to watch movies in dual languages which makes it easy for the users to watch movies in dubbed languages if they don’t understand a particular language.
  • Both the sites leak the latest movies after or when a movie is released in the theatre.
  • Both sites have separated the content into different categories and genres so it is easy for the users to find the content of their taste.
  • Both the sites have a search bar option at the top of their homepage by which they can search for the content they are looking for.
  • Both the sites provide HD video quality so you can watch or download movies in your preferred quality.
  • Both the sites earn from pop-up ads as they upload the content for free so they make money from the advertisements.
  • Both the sites require a VPN to access the site as it is not safe to use pirated sites.
  • Both the sites are illegal and are banned by the government because of piracy issues.

Difference between Moviesflix Pro and Moviewood

If I talk about differences, the names of the sites, MoviesflixPro and Moviewood, might be different but there is no difference between the sites. The only difference you may find is the content they provide. As you don’t need to find the same movies on both sites. You will find the latest movies among which some might be available on both sites and some might not. So this is one difference that you may find between the sites.

Is it safe to use Moviesflix Pro or Moviewood?

It is neither safe to use MoviesflixPro nor Moviewood. The reason is that both are notorious sites and when you use such sites, your device’s safety is at risk. There is a risk of viruses that can harm your device or they can also steal your personal data. So don’t use pirated sites to keep your device secure.

Is it legal to use Moviesflix Pro or Moviewood?

It is not legal to use Moviesflix Pro and Moviewood as both the sites upload copyright content due to which the film industry has to suffer a huge loss. This is the reason the government has banned such sites and using such sites can be a punishable offense. So, I would like to advise you to always choose legal platforms to enjoy your favorite movies without any trouble.

Moviesflix Pro and Moviewood both are different sites but they provide similar features. However, using any of them is not legal so don’t use both of them. Further, always watch your favorite movies from legal platforms only as you may have to pay but you pay for what you get i.e. the best content.




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