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Yes off course, there are many companies in India providing the content moderation service. But finding the best one is little difficult task for anyone to moderate the content with quick and right action. Actually, there are different types of contents that should be monitored and analyzed carefully to filter the same into the right category to remove from the online platforms.

What Types of Contents are Moderated?

From text, to images and videos there are different types of contents that are freely posted on the online platforms like social media sites, forums and other community portals where user-generated contents are posted freely may contains spams, negative reviews, feedback or comments against any well-known individual personality, organization, company and brand with the intention to damage the reputation or defame the personality of the individual.

Content Moderation Companies

Hence, controlling such contents is important to maintain the reputation and brand image of the company or individual. And content moderation is the right technique to moderate the different types of contents that can affect reputation of your company and image of an individual.

Top Content Moderation Companies

There are many content moderation companies in India providing this service to moderate the different types of contents from the various online platforms. Cogito is one the well-known content moderation companies to moderate all types of contents including text, images and videos on real-time basis. Contents like spam posts, comments and offensive posts on Facebook and other social platforms.

Cogito offer a real-time content moderation services for user generated contents on social media and other online platforms. It is providing the spam content detection services and can remove spam content, and take away unsuitable content, whether it is an image or video. It can offer a customized solution with accuracy and dedicated resources within your budget and needs.


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