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Web presence and digital presence is something every business has in its focus today. And to achieve this purpose, businesses are emphasizing on creating functional websites which help them connect better with their audience with enhanced accessibility. And when it comes to creating great websites, WordPress is what everyone prefers. It is a robust and powerful platform which was originally created to provide a platform to bloggers, and eventually, it grew coming to become the most used web development platform. And there is every reason for it to be so popular. The functionalities and features that it has to provide to its users are innumerable, and you can just keep adding them with simple add-ons called WordPress plugins.

WordPress Plugins offer you the ease to add features to your website, and you can add anything to it with their use. WordPress has a plugin for anything that you can think of adding to your website, and even if it does not have one, it is easy for you to create one with WordPress Custom Plugin Development using WordPress Development Services. So, you get readily available plugins as well as plugins personalized for your needs, and with them, you can enhance your website many times.

WordPress Plugins

Here are some important categories of plugins that you need for your website, and WordPress offers many plugins for every category, so you have a range of options to choose from.

1. SEO Plugins
Search Engine Optimization is a very important function for every website. It is through this function that you make your web presence visible to your audience by getting your website at top ranks. So, you need to perform this function for your website, and there are many ways WordPress can help you with that. WordPress offers plugins such as Yoast SEO which gives insights on the effectiveness of your content for SEO purpose analyzing the keywords length, keyword density, etc.; SEMRush which is an effective tool to do keyword research, competitor research, etc.; MonsterInsights which gives the complete insight on the website’s performance, speed, and areas of improvement; and many more such plugins with which you can make your website highly optimized for search engines and get the top rankings.

2. Contact Form Plugins
Your website is working well for you when it is converting your visitors to leads, and one great way to take a step forward to it is getting feedback from the visitors. This way, you not only get to know where you need to improve but also get their contact information which you can use for generating leads through your social media and email marketing campaigns. These plugins allow you to create a contact form which you can put over your website to be filled by the visitors. A very useful plugin and the most used one for this purpose is WPForms which allows creating easy forms with drag and drop options. You can also add functionalities such as making the contact form pop-up with the right message at the right time, just when the visitor is about to leave the website with plugins such as OptinMonster.

3. Posts and Pages Plugins

Your website is defined by its pages and what you post there. So, it is important that you keep them functional. With different plugins for posts and pages, you can be assured that your posts and pages look just the way you want them to look. You can create a complete page and preview it before making it go live and make changes as and when you want. With the plugins that WordPress offers, you need not worry about how your pages and posts will look when they are published. Some plugins that you can use are Duplicate Post to create a copy of a page or post and edit it in draft form; CMS Page Order so that you can easily change the sequence of the pages; Bulk Page Creator with which you can create many pages at a single time, etc.

4. User Management Plugins
With these plugins, you can allow yourself and other users of your website to manage the website better and have a wonderful user experience over the website. Some plugins that you can use are New User Approve which allows the author to approve a new user while getting registered for login to the website; Co-Authors Plus with which you can assign multiple bylines to posts and pages and customize the post types; User Role Editor with which you can add, edit, and deletes roles of different users over the website, etc.

5. Security Plugins
The security of the website is at its core, and it needs to be maintained to keep the website safe from unwanted threats. Some plugins that help you ensure that are Captcha which works as an authentication code to ensure that real humans are operating the website; Advanced Access Manager which allows you to manage the access to posts and pages and control user roles; etc.

With WordPress Plugins, you can essentially improve the performance of your WordPress website and give functionalities that are a must have to accomplish the goals with which you created the website. WordPress is one great platform, and its plugins make it all the more wonderful. All you need is to know to use them.

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