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Author: ankitashukla

Today Next Story has few of the most professionals thoughtful authors whose share their knowledge and experience with very unique style of writing. TNS always want their original readers not just for reading the story and go away but to stop and share their point of views. TNS main purpose provide the latest story of the world.

Why Safety Clothing and Equipment is Mandatory for The Oil & Gas Industry


No matter what line of business you’re in there is one thing consistent in all the fields. Wherever you go or work you need to consider that factor on a regular basis. Yes, I’m talking about safety. Everyone is responsible for their own safety. Then at the same time,they are responsible for others. Similarly, if […]

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PPC Advertisement For Better Traffic and Accessibility


Making a website accessible is as crucial as building good content. If your website is not popular, it will not be found by the viewers and your time and effort all go to vain. Before you spend all your time making the page perfect, you should devote some energy into building good strategies with the […]

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What happens when you have insomnia and you suffer from anxiety?


Hey, do you see people using those things, meeting those people, go to the place you fear about? If the answer to this question is yes, then you are hearing about many things in your life which are irrational and are not scaring other people, but what if these things start taking over you and […]

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Bangalore to Kudremukh – A Fantastic Trekking


Kudremukh in Chikmagalur is one of the fantastic trekking spots near Bangalore to enjoy a weekend or holiday in its full spirit and feel. This is one of the highest mountain ranges and scenic hills to get a complete trekking experience. The name Kudremukh means ‘Horse Face’ and the shape of the hill looks like […]

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HIPAA security risk analysis



HIPAA security risk analysis has become the basic requirement to judge the quality of medical services. It has become the grounds for all the medical practices to collect state and federal reimbursements based on it. And? Complying with HIPAA laws or getting the HIPAA audit done does require resources and time and puts up the […]

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