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Cogito specializes in human empowered automation with skilled workforce and cutting-edge technology to develop high-quality data sets for Ecommerce and other emerging industries focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cogito works with flexible working models to provide a scalable data solution with speed and accuracy at optimum cost.
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Where Can I Get Data for Sentiment Analysis?

15/01/2019 The right platform to get data for Sentiment analysis is social media but collecting such data from such resources is not only difficult but also a time taking process. Users can use Facebook or Twitter to get the best data for Sentiment Analysis but how to get twitter data for sentiment analysis that is spread […]

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Training Datasets for Machine Learning


Cogito offers high-quality training datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence based various projects to develop the auto functional business models and applications. Machine learning: Cogito gathers right data from reliable sources and classify to make it usable in machine learning process. It is also annotating such data before processing to make it recognizable for machines […]

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Data Collection Services Outsourcing

What Exactly is Data Outsourcing Services?


Data outsourcing is all about giving the task of data management to professionals. These companies are involved in data mining, data entry, data collection, data classification, annotation and tagging to make it usable for end-users. Actually, two types of data outsourcing services can be offered here, first involves the entire data management from data collection […]

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Deep-Learning in Healthcare

What are the Major Applications of Deep Learning in Medicine?


Deep learning is becoming the more powerful part of machine learning to give the more insights to use the training data deeply with right algorithms to give the most suitable results. There are many applications of deep learning into various fields and sub-fields. In medical or healthcare sector it is also playing a significant role […]

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