How to find a good Psychologist Friends and family are often asked to refer to healers for support on a range of issues. Since I’ve been a therapist for more than twenty years, and I’ve gotten my treatment at various stages of my life, I take these requests very seriously […]

Can light treatments help bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterized by depressed and elevated mood episodes. It usually starts in the late teens to the early twenties. During depressive episodes, people experience low moods, loss of self-confidence, despair, poor sleep, and appetite. Manic episodes are characterized by […]

Separation anxiety disorder In Shakespeare’s above quote, Juliet declares her love for Romeo and cannot wait until tomorrow when they meet again. Children with a separation anxiety disorder are also unable and unwilling to go to bed for fear of getting away from their parents. However, the reasons for not […]

Does anxiety destroy your marriage? Anxiety spreads in the suburbs and I see first-hand how it affects Australian marriage. She strains marriages and does not create space for fun and desire. Does anxiety destroy your marriage? Does anxiety destroy your marriage photo? His understanding and recovery will make marriage much […]

Mental health disease Mental health disease refers to a group of disorders that affect a person’s feelings, thinking and behavior, just as disorders of the digestive system refer to a group of diseases that affect the digestive system of the human body. Mental health may be short-term or lifelong and […]

How can NDIS help my child? Current statistics and data indicate that approximately 20 percent of Australians have a permanent disability or medical illness that has a major impact on their daily lives and participate in their social, family, personal and professional obligations. Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), […]

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