Why is Driver Training So Important? New drivers enter roads every year in thousands. Thousands of new drivers are inexperienced and nervous. Likewise, every year there are thousands of vehicle collisions that result in tragic injuries, deaths, and property damage. The latest figures provided by the Traffic Safety Bureau of […]


7 Helpful Driving Tips For New Drivers Learning to run a car is an exciting time in a teenager’s life. He or she is about to become a little more independent when driving around the city with a driver’s license. Enjoying the privilege of driving comes with the learning curve. […]

Warm weather accentuates more types of road users. Cyclists, motorcyclists, shelf, additional pedestrians and road construction crews take to the streets when spring arrives. Remember these tips so you can share the road safely with everyone. 1. Look at least 15 seconds, and scan all intersections for motorcyclists and cyclists. 2. If […]

Give your students the best driving advantage No one knows the value of teaching quality more than the teacher. Every day in your school, you see that great teachers not only make a difference; they make the difference. As a leader in driver education, Naveen feels the same way. In […]

Can you pass the Alberta test? Edmonton’s Naveen Driving School is just around the corner. How much do you know about Alberta driving laws? Here is your chance to test your knowledge! Driving – whether you are in a car, truck, motorbike or motorbike – it’s all about safety, placement, […]

Edmonton Driving Schools Vehicle use is increasing every day. As a result, driving schools are everywhere. In Edmonton, there are several Class 5 driving schools and Naveen Driving School is one of Edmonton’s best driving schools. NaveenDriving School offers excellent driving lessons of class 5 in Edmonton. In Naveen driving, […]

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