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Author: Duracable

Duracable: The Plumbing and Draining Industry’s Most Reliable Manufacturer


If you work within the plumbing and drain industry, Duracable is a great manufacturer and resource to utilize for all of your work’s functions and needs. Since 1981, Duracable has been providing customers and drain cleaning professionals with dependable equipment, great pricing, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. At Duracable, we understand how important it […]

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Three Reasons to Buy Duracable Plumbing Drain Snakes


Duracable, founded in 1981 in West Des Moines, Iowa, prides itself on being the plumbing industry’s most reliable manufacturing center. With the industry’s only two-year warranty on drain cleaning machines and 30-day warranties on all cables, Duracable guarantees a great client experience. Every drain cleaning professional needs a litenue of Plumbing Drain Snakes, also referred […]

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About Buy Drain Snake and 50 Ft Drain Snake 

Know Your Cables – Duracable | Latest Trend


About Buy Drain Snake and 50 Ft Drain Snake | Duracable: For any contractor, handyman, or even do-it-yourselfer, knowing the difference between the types of snake cables is critical to your success on the job. Choosing the wrong tool for the job is not only a waste of time and money, but it can even further damage […]

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Ridgid Camera

Repairing your Ridgid Camera


When it comes time for you to visually inspect your work or take a look at a potential problem, Ridgid cameras are a common choice for plumbers, contractors, and handymen. But when these cameras need to be repaired, they cannot be taken to any regular camera repair shop. Because of the special way they are […]

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Inspection Made Easy

Inspection Made Easy | Latest Tech Reviews


Inspection Made Easy: When you are out on a job site and encounter an unknown blockage or hard to diagnosis problem, it is time to reach for the proper digital inspection equipment to make your worries disappear quickly and easily. In the twenty first century, digital cameras have penetrated every facet of our lives and […]

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Duracable Manufacturing

Choosing Right Cable – Duracable Manufacturing


 Duracable Manufacturing: When there is a blockage in a residential drain line, you need a snake that offers the right amount of strength and length but is also flexible enough to navigate smaller pipes. Manufacturers produce an overwhelming amount of cables both inner-core and no-core, in a variety of lengths and sizes, but, for most […]

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Best Drain Cleaning Accessories

The Best Drain Cleaning Accessories to Invest In


 Best Drain Cleaning Accessories: If you work professionally in the plumbing industry, you know how important it is to have quality equipment. You also know, that after many years in the business, it can sometimes be difficult to reflect on your collection of equipment and tools carefully. Do you have the proper equipment for the […]

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The Pros Know: RIDGID Inspection Systems


RIDGID : If you’re a professional that works in construction, plumbing, infrastructure, or any other trade that involves underground pipes, shafts, or other confined, hard to access spaces, you know what a pain it can be trying to get anything done in an area where you can’t necessarily even see the issue you’re trying to […]

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What Is a Sewer Rooter Machine | Other Plumbing Questions


Sewer Rooter Machine: Debris, sludge, grease, sand, and tree roots are the most typical suspects for blocking or clogging your sewer and drain lines. Although there are many professional drain cleaning services available, there is an abundant amount of unscrupulous businesses in the plumbing industry that can leave you questioning if you are hiring them […]

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Duracable Drain Cleaning Machine

Why You Should Invest in a Duracable Drain Cleaning Machine


Duracable Drain Cleaning Machine : If you know anything about plumbing, you understand the importance of working with quality equipment. In order to get the job done well and efficiently, you need to be able to rely on equipment and materials that can last. If you are looking for high-quality sewer and plumbing materials, you […]

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