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Author: efinancialmodel

Financial Analysis – Using a Financial Analysis Excel Template


Whether for evaluating businesses, projects, budgets, financial plans, and other related financing, financial analysis is the best thing to do to determine the key factors that will bring about change regarding the entities involved. In this case, financial analysis focuses more on analyzing an entity if it’s stable, solvent, profitable, and feasible enough to attract […]

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Creating a Financial Plan Using a Spreadsheet Template or a Financial Plan Template


Financial planning is one of the most critical tasks that you must do if you’re planning to start a business. This is to plan out how you can help your business to achieve its financial goals and purpose. A financial plan is usually created once you’ve figured out the vision and objectives of your business, […]

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What is a Three Statement Model – Three Financial Statements


In financial modeling, there are two common ways to structure a financial model – Direct Cash Flow Model and Three Statement Model. A direct cash flow model is a simple financial model structure which is a much simpler and more straightforward model towards its purpose which is simply projecting the direct cash flows of a […]

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Using a Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Model to Conduct a Valuation


Conduct a valuation of an asset or a business requires one to create a financial model to ensure that you are choosing the right investment. One of the most used valuation methods nowadays is the Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Method or simply known as the DCF Model. A discounted cash flow valuation model is based […]

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Creating a SaaS Business Model in Excel – Using a SaaS Financial Model Template


Due to the influence of today’s generation of internet addiction, there are many business models that emerged due to its convenience. Especially when running businesses, the use of online tools became a critical factor to help with the operations of a business. Hence, the emergence of the SaaS business model. What is SaaS? SaaS is […]

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Financial Modeling Examples

Where to Find Excel Financial Model Templates, Examples


Financial Modeling Examples- It is now the era where time and money run the world, thus, efficient and resourcefulness are two traits that are highly sought after in every task nowadays. That’s why the emergence of tools to help run a business became a critical factor for financial success. One of these tools is financial […]

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What is a Cap Table – Example


A Capitalization Table or known as Cap Table is a financial spreadsheet for a startup business or early venture that lists all the business’s securities such as stocks, preferred shares, warrants, etc. and who owns those securities. Basically, a cap table’s purpose is to tell the user ‘who owns what’. Hence, it is best to […]

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Three Statement Model Vs. Direct Cash Flow Model


There are two common ways to structure a financial model – Direct Cash Flow Model and Three Statement Model. A direct cash flow model is a simple financial model which is much simpler and more straightforward towards its purpose, simply projecting the direct cash flows of a business or an asset over the next years. […]

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