Supplication meeting was started by the love, message and welcome by the host church. Individuals celebrated in the tune of the religious melodies and arranged their spirits to get incredible marvels in their lives. After some time, Lady preacher Kanchan Mittal joined the assembly and a botanical greeting was stretched […]

Our life was darker and darker with the bleak coldness. It was like being stuck in the cave of sins and seeing no ray of hope which could save us. When we screamed, no life paid heed to it. When we shouted, no one could hear it. When we cried […]

Working with the vision of saving the world, the Chandigarh of church Pastor Kanchan Mittal has dedicated her whole life towards the fulfilment of the Great Mission of saving souls, propagating the message of love, peace, deliverance, prosperity and happiness, awakening the world and spreading the good news of coming […]

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