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Author: kevinsmith_5687

A Handy Guide to Test your WiFi and Make it 2x Faster


Is your WiFi running at a tortoise speed? We actually understand your concern that how annoying and frustrating it would be. Slow and sluggish WiFi can halt your online task such as online transaction, web browsing, and Linksys extender setup etc. Around 90% of people in today’s modern era run into internet and its connectivity […]

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Belkin Range Extender

What to do if your Belkin Range Extender Requires Constant Reboots


Restarting a WiFi device once in a blue moon is normal but if you are rebooting it more than once or twice in a week while staying online, then there is a need to pay full attention and configuration. This will confuse your range extender and slow down its speed as well. To run it […]

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Tips to get the best performance from Netgear WiFi extender


If your WiFi home or office network is not performing up to your expectations even after a successful Netgear extender setup, think of it calmly! There are a lot of things you can do to enhance the scenario. Here, we will make you aware of some trendy tips to get the best performance from your […]

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Tips to Improve Home WiFi Network Performance

Tips to Improve Home WiFi Network Performance | Overall Wireless Quality


Improve Home WiFi Network Performance – The need of internet is increasing day by day. Without it, nobody can move a single step forward. It has become as essential as breathing. It is also the fact that nobody in today’s busy and running schedule can stick to a place with desktop, modem, or the router […]

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Does WiFi extender actually boost your wireless internet?

Does WiFi extender actually boost your wireless internet?


Want WiFi access in every corner of your house or workplace? Experiencing dead spots? If the answer to all these queries is a big yes, consider a WiFi extender. WiFi is essential in almost all homes. On the basis of the increasing number of devices which incorporate WiFi e.g. home automation systems and smart appliances, […]

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Secure your Wireless Home Networking System

Tips to Secure your Wireless Home Networking System


Secure your Wireless Home Networking System: Many PCs and laptops don’t realize, but for most people internet router is the most important device for their home and networking system. It links numerous WiFi devices with each other. On the other hand, it also has highly privileged position that unidentified people can exploit easily. Unfortunately, loads […]

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How to Resolve Configuration Issues for NETGEAR Extender Setup?


How to Resolve Configuration Issues for NETGEAR Extender Setup? NETGEAR Genie Setup (smart wizard) allows the configuration and installation of NETGEAR Extender Setup through the Web browser of a device that is physically and properly connected to the current WiFi network. You need to know some details about your WiFi network — such as the […]

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What is Wrong with the Internet Connection?

How to Discover What is Wrong with the Internet Connection?


What is Wrong with the Internet Connection? It’s actually a heart-wrenching moment when your web browser reports that it is no longer connected to the internet and unable to access But there is nothing to worry about. We distilled the troubleshooting process into few easy steps. Of course, there are many different problems […]

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Linksys Extender Reset

How to Reset Linksys Range Extender to Factory Settings


Linksys Extender Reset: Read our tech Reviews A Linksys Range Extender is very useful device to fix all WiFi-related issues. However, you need some basic Linksys Extender Setup before the extender is all set to use. In case your wireless range extender suddenly stops working or doesn’t work properly, go through Linksys Extender Reset process […]

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