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An important recovery period for mind and body is sleeping and if there are hindrances in with pain especially in the back, neck or shoulder, you need to concentrate on the pillows. Pillows are the key reason for neck pain.

There are varieties of pillows in the market and finding the right pillow is crucial. Best pillow for neck pain India is available easily online. The cervical pillow cost is also nominally affordable by anyone. With best pillows, sleeping positions also have an impact on neck pain. Here are few sleeping positions suitable for neck pain sufferers.

Sleeping position for neck pain

Either the side or the back are the two main sleeping positions. Ones opting to sleep on back opt for pillows that are rounded that goes with the necks natural curve along with a flatter cushioning pillow for the head. This is possible by tucking a small neck roll into the pillowcase of the soft pillow, special pillow, and flatter along with a headrest. Also back and side sleepers have few tips to follow as mentioned.

  1. It would be the best choice to opt for a feather pillow that goes with the necks’ shape. As feather pillows collapse each year, it is necessary to replace them each year.
  2. A traditionally shaped pillow that comprises of memory foam leads to outline the neck and head. Cervical pillows too are available with memory foam. Memory foam pillow manufacturers claim that it helps foster perfect spinal alignment.
  3. It is recommended to avoid stiff or high pillows as the neck is flexed the complete night and result in stiffness and pain in the morning.
  4. For side sleepers, it is good to maintain a straight spine by using a pillow higher than the head.
  5. In other scenarios such as in driving, in-plane, in the car, or watching television a horse-shaped pillow is perfect. This supports the neck and also and head. There is no dropping of the head from one side.

Sleeping on the stomach is a difficulty for the spine. In this position the back is arched and neck rotated to a single side. Hence sleeping positions are important and have a huge impact on neck and back pains.

Best pillow for neck pain and cervical

The market has the best cervical pillows beneficial as it maintains the cervical spine in the same natural curvature irrespective of the sleeping positions. Pillows that extend about 1.5m under the head are not perfect cervical pillows. The best cervical pillows support your neck curve and are 1 to 1.5 inches thick. These designs of the pillows are special to overcome shoulder pain, spondylitis, back pain and neck pain.


The best pillow for neck pain India supports neck curves and avoids neck pain. These pillows are perfect for any sleeping positions and safeguard your spine and neck. Cervical pillow cost is reasonable and the purchase is simple online. Get rid of neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain issues due to sleep by purchasing the best pillow for neck pain.

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