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As a business owner, it is a significant moment in your life when you convert your website into an Android mobile app and launch it.

While there were only a hundred apps in the app stores when it all started in 2009, today the number reaches thousands. That means there is a lot of competition in this space.

Let’s keep it simple.

Initially, there were few hundreds to compete with. Things now have drastically changed, and it is no more a joke to grab the top position in the search list of app stores. The reason behind this is that there are millions of apps out in the market, but only a few of them succeed in attracting visitors.

With that being said, you need to make your pre-launch successful by avoiding certain pitfalls and get all the attention before the app hits the market.

1. Failing to invest in market research

If you research the important aspects of the category of your app, you will get some of the valuable insights. These insights will help you know:

– The expectation of your target audience from you

– Names of the other apps

– Categories of the app you are planning to target

With this analysis, you will get a rough idea about the features you have and what you have missed out while comparing the factors with your competitors.

Analyzing the market properly will help you target your audience with the right app.

2. Absence of a feedback loop

When you are done completing the development of your app, you should go for beta testing. This testing will help you get some unbiased reviews from your target audience.

Look out for your target customers and get some of them as your beta testers. Engage with them and know what they think about your app.

Ensure that you reward these beta testers who have given you the real feedback of your app. For example, you can put them on the top of the sign-up list. With this reward, they will be the first to know about the app release.

3. Delay in app marketing

Completing the app development process and then releasing it on the Google Play Store is an important thing. However, on the other hand, you will need to make sure that your target audience should notice your app.

At no cost, do not overlook to opt for marketing strategies at the later stage of app development. You will need to come up with the right strategy to launch the app in the market at the right time.

4. Not using the pre-launch marketing strategies

Start your mobile app marketing strategies as soon as possible. You don’t need to wait for the completion of the development process.

Invest your time to build some pre-launch marketing strategies for your mobile app, like promoting it on social media, opting for email marketing and more.

5. Not making your app a star before it becomes one

Creating an app and then releasing it to the app stores is not everything. You will need to have better app downloads as well.

If you fail to promote your mobile app well in the market, your app will fail to get noticed.

The best way to do it is to create a landing page for your app on the website. And, then promote your app there. You can even do the same on other marketing websites.

6. Failing to invest in App Store Optimization

Users will download your app when they can easily find it on the app store’s search results. Therefore, you must opt for App Store Optimization as it is a part of mobile marketing for your app.

Some of the key elements that you need to optimize are:

App name: to name your mobile app, you can either use your existing brand name or go for terms that one can memorize.

Description: The first three lines of the description is very important because they appear first on the installation screen. Assure you use them rightly with the right keywords.

Keywords: Lookfor all the words that relate to your mobile app. Choose the ones that are specific and unique to the app. Then, you can start adding them to your content. You can even use long-tail keywords.

Most of the apps get traffic from organic search. Therefore, keyword optimization will help you achieve that on search results.

7. Failing to set the app release date in prior

You must come up with a release date of your mobile app in advance. This will help you get a better marketing coverage.

When you are planning a release date for your app, make sure that it does not coincide with any major release in the tech world. Else, it will take away all the limelight.

If you fix your release date, it will help you build anticipation among the users before the launch.

8. Ignoring the app store creativity

When you create an app, you consider even the smallest thing. From the app icon to its color, design, color combination, and much more.

With that being said, you also need to take some time off your schedule and invest it for some app store creativity.

Undoubtedly, beautiful screenshots and appealing video previews will create the keenness among users. Moreover, it helps in going a long way to increase conversion rates.

9. Ignoring to get maximum through web presence

Putting in some efforts and money to plan advertising campaigns to let your users notice the app is not enough. You also need to try to get the maximum out of your web presence. It will simply help you increase conversion in the form of downloads. Plan out your marketing strategies accordingly.

You can even do blogging to spread the word and increase the app visibility in the search results. This will help you get steady traffic to your app on the play store.

10. Failing to promote your app on social networks

Getting active on social media channels enables you to connect with the target audience. But, to promote your app, you will need to have extensive social media marketing strategies.

Here are a few strategies to get the maximum conversion rates once your app is launched in the store.

Offer incentives: To promote more downloads, you can give away free gifts when users shop via your app. This will help you get more followers on social media pages.

Give a human touch: Try to adopt a human touch-tone in your content that matches your target audience. If users find it interesting, they will stay long with your app.

Schedule your posts: You better start scheduling your posts at a specific time rather than posting them daily. This will save you time and effort.

You can even use social media ads to attract your audience. But, for this, you first need to know on which social media channel your audience spends more time. Then, you can easily spread the word about your app through such ads.

11. Underrating reviews and ratings

Most people overlook ratings and reviews on the app. They think that it only matters when the user downloads the app on their mobile devices and start using them. However, the fact is that this is not at all necessary.

When it comes to the algorithm of ranking on app search page results, ratings, and reviews are important. Positive reviews about your app will be beneficial, and in turn, increasing the number of downloads.

12. Failing to pitch your app on quality blogging sites

It is a bitter truth that your mobile app will not be noticed the moment it gets released. The main reasons for it is that your app is not discussed about by any credible blogger.

Do not waste your time and get it pitched today.

Simply sending an email to users will not work. You will need to take care of certain things to convince the blogger to write for you and your app. They are:

– Keep the email short with all necessary information.

– Let the editor know why he should be working for you.

– Offer them a beta version so that they can use and test the app on their own.

– Try to build a personal connection with the editor rather than simply talk about the app.

Wrapping up

The Google Play Store platform is evolving continuously. This is the reason why you have to keep yourself updated as marketers.

Once you have created an app via WooCommerce Android and iOS app maker, to be on the safer side, just keep these pre-launch pitfalls in mind whenever you plan to launch a new mobile app. Create a checklist and make sure everything is tried at different stages. Remember that every small detail matters when it comes to app marketing.

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