aws certification benefits in 2019

AWS Professional Certification in 2019: 3 Valuable Benefits

AWS is the industry-leading cloud service provider with a range of services and certifications to go along with those services. IT professionals looking to enter the cloud environment can attempt basic AWS certifications. Professionals with a few years of experience as cloud professionals can, however, attain AWS Architect Professional certification. AWS professional level certifications are the holy grail of AWS certifications, which are the highest rated certifications in their field.

Benefits of AWS professional certification

High paying jobs

The average salary for an AWS Professional is north of $135,000 USD. Highest rated certifications such as AWS Architect Professional allow for practitioners to negotiate their desired packages as their Certifications are seeing increased demand in today’s highly digitalized world. In 2019, the inclusion of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), deep learning and AI need AWS Professional with the most advanced certification and profound knowledge of the cloud platform so they are able to implement cutting edge technologies in a cloud environment. These technologies have tremendous benefits for enterprises, and so they are willing to hire experts with AWS Professional certification at high pay.

A certification by Industry leading cloud service provider

Amazon Web Services has long been the industry leader in cloud service providers. In 2018, AWS dominated the market with a 35% share out of a total of $70 billion markets. 2019 is set to see further growth in the industry as more and more industries shift towards cloud services and digitalization. This shift coupled with the introduction of technologies such as robotics, IoT and other progressive technologies in the cloud environment will mean the experienced experts with Amazon Architect Professional certification will be valued even more. There couldn’t be a better time to get an AWS professional certification where the cloud is entering a new era.

Updated versions of AWS Architect Professional certification exams

AWS updates the scope and grasp of its certifications every few years as new practices and trends begin appearing in the market. This proactive approach allows AWS professional certifications to evolve with the new trends and latest practices. Not only does it increase the knowledge of AWS certified solutions architect professionals, but it greatly increases the applicability and increases the services an AWS expert can deploy on a cloud platform. With the introduction of new trends such as Robotics, AI, Deep learning etc., in the cloud, 2019 will see updated versions of AWS Professional certifications.

Value of AWS Professional Certification in 2019

A contributor in Forbes, Louis Columbus, says, “AWS excels at developing, launching and gaining adoption of a proliferating product and service roadmap, by far the most aggressive in cloud computing.” The progressive approach AWS is taking with its cloud platform as well as the certifications it’s providing means that 2019 will see accelerated growth in the market AWS is already dominating. Experienced professionals are advised to attempt AWS Architect Professional certification of their interest and gain unrivaled benefits along with the tremendous value that AWS professional certifications provide.

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