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Becoming a first-time parent is an exciting and wonderful experience. When you visit the new baby for the first time, it’s important to bring along a gift for the baby. Make your gift something that first-time parents will love even though they didn’t know it was something they wanted and needed.

Safety first: New parents sometimes don’t realize how quickly the baby is going to grow. It seems like you blink, and the baby has gone from being a helpless infant to one that is crawling around and pulling itself up. Consider giving the new parents a heads-up with one or more new born baby products that are geared toward safety.

●     Light socket covers – As babies become more mobile, those electrical sockets become a source of curiosity. They are low enough for babies to stick things into. Socket covers prevent the baby from inserting fingers or other items into an electrical socket.

●     A temperature sensing spoon – This spoon helps parents avoid burning their baby’s mouth with food that is too hot.

●     A baby shampoo shower cap – These shower caps keep shampoo out of the baby’s eyes.

●     Corner protectors for your coffee table protect the baby’s head from bumps and bruises once they start pulling up to a standing position.

●     Refrigerator and drawer locks are useful once the baby starts walking and getting into things.

Clothing: The parents have probably bought baby clothing, but they might not have bought some of the most needed products. Baby socks are always useful; parents are always surprised by how many socks they need. It seems like baby socks disappear in the washer and dryer. Teething mittens are another great idea. They protect the baby from scratches and soothe them as they teethe. A beautiful outfit, such as a new born baby dress, will bring smiles. Choose something gorgeous and frilly; it will be the perfect outfit for taking pictures.

Diaper bag: Parents quickly find that they need a diaper bag. Gift the parents with a diaper bag that has plenty of storage for all of the baby’s essentials. One with a changing pad makes diaper changing easy no matter where you are. Parents will appreciate the added convenience the changing pad provides.

No matter which gift you choose, new parents will appreciate it and look back fondly on your thoughtfulness. Celebrate a new life with one or more of the above gift ideas; each one is both useful and thoughtful.

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