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After a long day, we always want to return to the coziness of our beds. When we imagine comfort, we think of a perfectly matched and fluffed bed set with a variety of pillows to surround and comfort us. If you love to unwind and lay in your bed, you understand that each pillow has a different purpose; the square pillow goes between the knees, the regular pillow goes under your head, and the bolster cushion pillow is for snuggling.

What is a Bolster Pillow?

The bolder pillow is originated from the south and Southeast Asia by countries involving, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and more. This can be a soft or hard pillow depending on the density of cotton inside it; a traditional cylinder bolster pillow is a long pillow enclosed at both ends by being tied with fabric, ribbon, zipper, or hook and loop. This pillow is used for decoration and provides health benefits as well.

Bolster Pillow for Decor

The most excellent bolsters for decoration purposes are made by hand; artisan brands such as Altalena have one of the best bolster pillows; they hold the health benefits since they are made traditionally.

After arranging your ideal bed comforter set for your cozy mattress, your pillows are the next necessity. A variety of pillows adds more personality to the room; if your room has multiple primary pillows, it presents a boring feel and looks dull. When you add different pillows such as square and bolster, it gives depth and a designer touch to the interior. Who wouldn’t want to arrive home to a comfortable, charming bed and drown in fluffy pillows?

Health Benefits

A pillow that looks good and is good; that’s the best description for a bolster since it has many health benefits as well.

The most obvious benefit, it is proven by many studies done by psychologists that hugging a bolster to sleep helps reduce stress and makes you less anxious.

Another more prominent health benefit is support; back support, leg support, and assisting in improving overall posture. It helps in improving the healing process for back problems by relieving the tension in our muscles. If you incorporate a bolster pillow in your regular sleeping habits, it will prevent future aches, muscle tension and you will no longer be waking up with random aches.

Maintaining a healthy posture in the developing years for babies and toddlers is necessary; in the south and southeastern countries, a good bolster pillow is an essential gift for baby showers because it improves the posture and bone structure from a young age.

Keeping a bolster between or below your legs; laying down. It aids to improve blood circulation. Pregnant women, who suffer from swollen feet, often advised doing this along with overweight people. Incorporate a bolster pillow in your bed set; it looks good and is beneficial to your mental and physical health as well.


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