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The terms engagement and proposal have the same meaning as they both describe the mutual agreement to enter into marriage.  However, the term marriage proposal is often referred to as the act of asking a partner to marry.  An engagement describes the time until the wedding.  The couples can send cards are a temporary wedding invitation, announcing the date of the wedding.  Now less common, but still a great custom is that people announce the details of the engagement in the local newspaper.  Nowadays it is mostly done in rural areas.

Since antiquity, gemstones have been revered for many features of many cultures and civilizations.  It is their eye-catching colour that fascinates in jewellery design or in their mysterious healing power and spiritual properties.  Gone are the days when only claimants and hippies were secretive to gemstone insights and mysteries.  Nowadays, the benefits of gemstones are widely acknowledged and recognized.

One of the powerful means to experience the benefits of gemstones or semi-precious jewellery is to wear them around your neck or on the fingers or armlets:

1. Connections:

Wearing a beautiful piece of ornament connects a person to their past. Historically, gemstones were used in different ways.  At first, gems were a medium to facilitate conception and to induce the feeling of love and hate.  Now, wearing gemstones rings  or  womens silicone  rings  is not related to any particular religion or culture.  Everyone can benefit from the beautiful gift of history and connections.

2. Healing power:

Each gemstone has unique healing powers.  Each gem represents a planet and has the power to bring energy from that planet and direct it into the person wearing it.  For example, a pink or a red ruby represents the sun and its solar energy.  Just as the sun gives life to the natural world, rubies are revived and give the wearer the ability to take responsibility and lead onto their lives.  The power of gems neutralizes the strong barriers that causes poor health and nourishes from all aspects of life.

3. Calm weight:

 Handcrafted with 108 semi-precious gems, the weight of the necklace can have a calming effect on the wearer.  Gems can help a person ‘calm down’ in our modern lifestyle and standards, especially if one chooses hematite, blue lace agate or sandalwood stones that releases anxiety and stress and have a ‘grounding’ effect. 

4. Visible purpose:

The real pearl necklaces around the neck, is a visible reminder of one’s purpose.  According to some experts, the goals that a person is carrying with them need regularly mentioning what one wants and why one wants to achieve their goal.

5. Practical tools:

Whether a person wears their own signature piece every day, overnight or on special occasions, semi-precious jewellery doubles as a tool for practical meditation.  Engaged around the neck, the garland will provide deep overall therapeutic benefits and gem spheres are effective when calculating mantras or confirmations.  Alternatively, the stones can be bundled in the palm of the hand and placed in the area of the body where one wants to go directly to provide strength and healing.

  6. Clean up:

 Gems can clear anything from fear to self-doubt to recklessness.  It is important that one regularly cleans their gemstones in order to clear up the accumulated energy.

Wearing a semi-precious stone can help find inner peace.  The beautiful complexities of gems make it possible to achieve and maintain well-being in all areas of life.  When one buys a handmade piece, they are not only getting a beautiful gift from the past, but they are also promising to invest in their well-being now and in the future.

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