Best Digital Marketing Tools

 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2021

Digital marketing can help you a lot in building a online presence as well as in getting engaged with your audience in a very effective manner. Best Digital Marketing Tools– There are many methods through which you can enhance your digital marketing strategy whether you want to go with social media marketing or content marketing or search engine optimisation or it can be keyword planning or search engine optimisation and many ways are there. But, what are the tools through which you can implement these all strategies?

So, here I am with top 10 tools that can help you a lot in building your digital presence and to keep you up to date with this digital world.

Here is the list of top 10 two that can help you in digital marketing in 2021.

Organic social media tools


Wyng is a marketing platform that specially focus upon the engagement by gathering people on hashtag campaigns, several quizzes and contests and many more such things. It also comes with analytics and the dash board through which you can monitor your performance of any campaign.


It is bit identical to wyng. It is also a social media marketing platform which engages your audience through interactive content. It also run several contests, giveaways, competitions in which your audience might be interested.

Facebook’s power editor

Facebook power editor is Facebook’s tool for running and creating several advertising campaigns. It is for marketers that are ready to do a paid advertising. There is no third party fee to manage your advertisements.

Email marketing tools

Hubspot E-mail marketing

Hubspot has recently launched an email marketing tool that is easy to use and that delivers impressive content through your emails. It has several free and paid plans through which you can easily access your email marketing campaign.


Mailchimp has around 12 million customers all over the world and it provides top services that can improve your digital marketing strategy.


Marketo offers email marketing services that are of advanced level and they can be the solution of your email marketing problem. It comes with all in one weapon which can be used for your email marketing and it solves all the puzzles you face while doing email marketing.

Website testing tool

Visual website optimizer

Visual website optimizer gives you opportunity to quickly play with the facilities provided by your website whether it is your headlines or images. You can quickly see how your site is going and what are the number of its clicks and conversions.

Content creation tools


Canva is a free and most importantly an excellent tool to design and create unique images to share on your website or on your social media networks or anywhere you want to. You can make photos as per your creativity and can share the format all over the world.

Website analytics tools

Google analytics

Google analytics is a gold for those who are beginner at digital marketing. It has so many features that can enhance your website by telling you the information about your visitors and what people are doing on your website in a real time basis.


With this tool, you can easily analyse what is going on your website and order of your analytics, because it says a lot about your website. By kissmetrics report, you can see what is going wrong and what is going right.

SEO tools


SEMrush has a number of built-in features that can help you in marketing. through tools that can help you to improve your search rankings it can also be used to track your competitors you can also monitor your fluctuation in ranking.

Affiliate marketing tool

CJ affiliate

It is one of the most desirable tool that can be used by the people and it has largest network of it’s self service platform. It makes affiliate marketing very easy.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg will give you answers about what is going right and what is not. By using crazy egg, you can generate better results. It will help you a lot while deciding everything regarding your digital marketing strategy

Freelancing websites

Freelancing websites such as upwork fever and can help you to select digital marketing specialist that can help you to build your digital marketing career in a very accurate manner. You can post your requirements and then people will ping you how they are best for your digital marketing strategy.

Taking your business online is not an easy task, you have to think a lot about your digital presence and the tools which you are using like search engine optimisation, email marketing and various campaigns you are doing all over the internet, you have to research a lot and you have to analyse how you are going. Don’t take stress, I know after this research and after this blog you are little bit confident that you can also have a good digital marketing strategy that can strengthen your business goals.

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