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Finding the best EMR Software for any practice, let alone Cardiology is a very time consuming and stressful task. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of checking every EHR Software out there to find the best pick for your practice.

If you are in search of the best EMR for Cardiology, we know exactly which software to recommend you. According to us the best EMR for Cardiology 2021 is eClinicalWorks EMR. Let’s move forward and talk about eClinicalWorks EMR.


eClinicalWorks is a very well established EHR software with excellent functions to offer. It is catering to more than 130000 physicians, more than 850000 patients, and more than 80000 practices. eClinicalWorks EMR Software is available in over 20 countries and has been a top name consistently in the world of EMRs and a top choice for medical practices as well.

eClinicalWorks EMR is the brainchild of four engineers and one physician. It offers solutions to many problems that medical practices and doctors have to face daily. Even though it offers its services to different medical specialties it is quite known for its Cardiology features.

Let’s move forward and find out the features it has to offer to its users in Cardiology Practices.

eClinicalWorks Features for Cardiology

eClinicalWorks has a variety of different EHR features that make this software the best choice for Cardiology practices. Some of the best EHR features of eClinicalWorks are as follows:

1.   Revenue Cycle Management for better financial status

eClinicalWorks Revenue Management Cycle makes the software worth investing in. It looks at your financial situation and actively helps to improve it. The software checks for patient eligibility from the get-go so that you can reduce the number of defaulters at your practice.

eClinicalWorks makes sure that the doctor focuses on the patient and performs all the important tasks for him. Taking care of revenues and keeping a check on your financial position is very important in every medical practice. eClinicalWorks does this job perfectly.

2.   Seamless integration for improved efficiency

In Cardiology practices, a lot of machinery is involved. Tests are needed to be done and other processes are needed to be done using different software and machines. eClinicalWorks EMR offers seamless integration to improve the efficiency at the clinic.

Any machinery you might use like ECG, EEG and more can easily be integrated with your software. This way no time is wasted as despite having different machinery and software, everything is being managed in one place. Access is easy and simple. This leads to major improvements in clinical efficiency.

3.   Patient Portal

Even though every medical specialty wants a good Patient Portal, it is necessary for EHR software in Cardiology practices to have an excellent portal. With the help of this portal, doctors can access their patient’s complete medical history which helps with decision making.

Cardiology is a very serious specialty where things can be very sensitive. It is important for the doctors to know their patients previous diagnosis, treatments, genetic issues, medications, lab reports, etc. eClinicalWorks patient portal has one of the best patient portals out there.

4.   Scheduling

One department of any practice that needs constant attention for overall improvement in efficiency is Scheduling. Scheduling is a time consuming and boring task but is quite important. eClinicalWorks EMR Scheduling tools not only schedule appointments but also take care of cancellations as well as send reminders.

With eClinicalWorks scheduling tools, no time is wasted performing this task. Administration can focus on other important tasks. Not only that but also improves clinical efficiency and speeds up many other processes.

If you want to test these features out, you can book an eClinical EMR demo on Software Finder.

Should you Invest in eClinicalWorks EMR?

Whether you should invest in eClinicalWorks EMR or not? Is it the right choice for your practice or not? These are the questions only you can answer. eClinicalWorks is excellent EHR software. According to eClinicalWorks EMR reviews, it is one of the best EHR software out there especially for Cardiology practices. The software would get a 10/10 for its functionality. If you are currently in search of an EHR software for your Cardiology practice, eClinicalWorks might be the one for you.

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