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Cotton and polyester are two essential fabrics in the world of clothing. If you are thinking about which fabric is the best option for your t shirt, then keep on reading the pros and cons of cotton and polyester, about which we will give a detailed analysis below.

Which One Is Right For You?


Cotton is made up of natural fibers of the cotton plant. The absorbent quality of cotton attracts people towards it, especially those who are living in warm regions. It is a worthy fabric for people with sensitive skin, as it is chemical-free and won’t irritate the skin. It is a comfortable and most affordable option.

Cotton is a non-clingy fabric and it is insulating. Cotton T shirts are the more appropriate to wear on longer days’ engagements, as it is organic and are made of breathable material. It can soak up a sweat, which allows heat to escape the body for you to stay cool. It holds dyes well. 

Cotton does have some difficulties also, but these are only limited to the low quality of cotton. Cotton dries slowly and it has prone to shrink, wrinkle, and damage.

But the high-quality cotton is durable enough to hold its shape over a long time. DTG print is not a good fit for thick cotton fabric. These poor-quality kinds of cotton tend to be cheap, but they can break easily.


Polyester fabric is made up of a chemical mixture of coal, oil, air, water, and petroleum. Polyester t shirts are more durable than cotton. It dries quickly and does not have prone to shrink, wrinkle or damage.

T shirt made up of polyester fabric can maintain its shape longer than cotton, no matter how many times you wash it. You can wear polyester tees without getting a headache from ironing them.

This fabric is non-porous, hydrophobic, and resilient. These qualities make polyester shirts most popular for workwears and sportswear as it is non-absorbent and lets the sweat dry on its own from the body. Polyester T shirts are cheaper, so you can easily afford them.

Polyester fabric is hardly considered a premium fabric because it is made by a mixture of chemicals, due to which it is less breathable. It has clingy effects, which make polyester a petulant for the skin. It is highly flammable and melts like plastic, which is why polyester t shirts are not a good choice in warm regions.

Polyester fabric cannot take dyes easily. A person who overly uses t shirts of polyester fabric has more chances of suffering from cancer because polyester carries carcinogens. Polyester fabric is not environmentally friendly because it is non-biodegradable.

Should we use a blend of cotton and polyester?

The blend is designed to afford the advantages of cotton and polyester in a single fabric. Poly-cotton blend provides you the finest fabric for using your t shirts. A blend comes from the mixing ratio of 65% of cotton and 35% polyester provides you the fabric, which is more comfortable and less wrinkling. It can dry quickly and it is more durable.  

But blending polyester with cotton will give you some disadvantages of polyester. It stays less breathable, a bit clingy, irritating for sensitive skins, and has a higher price. It can have minor difficulty with having dyes on.


To make an informed decision about which fabric is best for your t shirt we have provided you with all the information. These two fabrics have a lot of different properties for this reason, they are often blended. Now a day, people have a preference for something natural.

Cotton is a purely natural fabric that is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It is good for you as well as for the earth because it can decompose back to nature. The blend of cotton and polyester can work best to some extent. But 100% cotton fabric is the need of present and future. Cotton is an incredibly versatile fabric that can enhance the charm of your personality. For getting the comparison view in-depth, you can visit


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