3 Best Personal Finance Tips for Investors in 2019

“Personal finances are like people’s personal health, crucial and tragic to the sufferer but tedious to the listener.” – Thomas Keneally, Australia based novelist, playwright, and essayist.

Money is something which not only stays by you in your best times but also gives you a hand during your rainy days too. They are your bigger friends which are earned by you and no one else. In order to save money, you need not to be an expert; however, you’ve got to have an eye for long term goals and far-sightedness.

That is when you come across personal finance. Personal finance is a very important asset to people nowadays. 80% of the personal finances are bought just out of human behavior that means that it is a certain step taken by most people for lifetime security.

This finance blog is about some of these personal finance tips and how you can use them to have the maximum insurance of your life.

1. Start Investing in Your 20s

Have you heard of the proverb which says, “An early bird catches the worm.” Morally it means that if you start early then you are likely to get ample time and opportunity in life to complete a task.

The same thing goes in terms of savings. Some people say that the ideal age to start saving money is the 30s; however, economists beg to differ. According to them, it is easier to start saving in your 20s than in your 30s because most of the people are single in their 20s, that means that they have fewer means of expense, thus investing money in personal finance becomes easy.

Whereas in your 30s, you are likely to have a family where personal and household expenses increase which makes it difficult for people to start saving money.

2. Every penny counts

Big returns do not happen overnight; for that, you need to calculate and divide your income accordingly and then decide, where to invest it, and for how long.

Such as your provident fund is a saving your company saves for you so that you can later withdraw that sum of money and reinvest it in one of your personal policies.

Big finance blog and other sources have claimed that provident fund is one of the most beneficial savings for any employee. Plus it also counts after retirement or if you have small business ideas to look upon.

If you have a mediclaim saving, then it is best for any medical emergency. Life insurance, retirement policies, real estate are some of the best investment tactics that give maximum long term returns.

Patience is one of the biggest assets in investment

Do not expect your savings to go double overnight. If any insurance company claims such thing then do a thorough inquiry as to whether it is a cheat fund or not. When you are saving money, you need to have patience.

There are term insurance schemes and mutual funds that allow withdrawing your savings within a small period of time, but that amount is equal to lose because you won’t be getting enough interest and return. Although, if you have got any emergency situation or small business ideas in mind, then it is likely that you would withdraw your savings to avail the capital.

Savings is as important in life as building up a family. Treat your money as your family member and it will surely yield you good and secured future.


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