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As per Statista, “the total no. of mobile users is expected to reach 5 billion mark globally in 2019”. Once reasoned a luxury gadget, the usage of smartphone is now becoming a regular affair. Additionally, easy access to internet is fueling this growth of mobile technology in conducting daily activities.

Talking about digital retail, it is profoundly affected by mobile prowess. A great increase has been seen in the past few years in mobile commerce activities. However, overall mobile sales have been comparatively less than desktop and tablets.

Still, many studies have revealed a huge scope of investments and corresponding profits in mobile commerce, if handled properly.

In this article, I shall be discussing some important aspects of your BigCommerce web design aspects that need to be manipulated according to mobile world. Before opting for any kind of BigCommerce theme customization, you need to take care of several mobile dominant elements. Having to mention, some of those are given below:-

  • Easily accessible and Fast responding search box

Unlike desktop versions, users may not be interested in scrolling or tapping through your whole mobile website. Mobile users mostly require a search box where they can enter the keyword and look for the results displayed.

Thus, you need to give search box a topmost priority on mobile devices to remove the frictions of M-commerce. Try to incorporate an eye-catching and fast responding search box that works well on smaller screen sizes.

To reduce the search efforts of users, choose a simple-to-use search box that conveniently cut down on their hassles of searching a specific product/service.

  • Responsiveness

With multiple options available to build a mobile-friendly website, it is important to focus on its responsiveness across multiple screen sizes available. It allows you to render a scintillating user experience on mobile devices.

Due to the small size of mobile devices, it becomes essential for your website to adjust itself accordingly. In the process of making website responsive, all the elements like URL of website, HTML & images, etc. remain same, with different rules rendering on the basis of selected browsers’ width.

If you are choosing premade themes in place of going BigCommerce theme development from scratch, make sure you select one with responsive built.

  • Adjusting content for Mobile

Have you heard of mobile-first indexing? Well, it is a term related to SERPs that regulate your website ranking on search engines like Google.

For any digital retailer to grow, it is essential to give extra care to generate mobile-specific content. If you provide and optimize content for desktop-based visitors only, but forgets to focus on mobile users, you can experience a downfall in search result ranking.

To address this need, you can adopt AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for your website as it is the best method to be treated as mobile content.

  • Enhanced Performance

To impress the mobile users, you need to opt for custom mobile-friendly website URLs. Such website remains quite flexible to fine-tune web elements such as CTAs, main menus, texts, etc.

Page load speed should be critically considered on mobile platforms as well. In a world of 4G and WiFi, individuals don’t want to compromise on speed of loading web pages or mobile pages.

Sometimes, when we design our websites we stuff multiple elements in order to make front-end beautiful and compelling for users. Here, we forget the load on server for every time it gets a browser request.

Thus, you need to make sure that total no. of visual elements are minimal and acceptable along with a keen eye for web design complexity.

In Conclusion….

I would like to state that mobile presence is no longer a choice for retailers. In fact, it has become obligatory to enhance your digital business.

So, you need to be well aware of the mobile trends and different design/development practices that can help you relate to the smartphone users’ needs.

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