Biggest Machine Learning Trends in 2019

Over the past few years, advancements in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning have been enormous. With companies across various industries looking for opportunities to tap into their data, the usage of these tools has spread from science projects to core business operations.

According to a survey, more than 90% of the companies are considering to invest in AI and machine learning technologies in the year 2019. Evidently, there is a lot more innovation that users can expect to unbox. Following are some of the biggest AI and machine learning trends of 2019:-



  • Feature Detection


Feature detection is basically training data characteristics that influence the advanced machine learning tools abilities to generate desired outputs. There are a plethora of techniques that are presently working towards accelerating the feature engineering process.

Presently feature selection process takes days or even weeks, however, technologies like automated query generation, which is expected to make its mark in the market this year, can complete the process within a matter of just a few hours.



  • Optimized Training Time


AI experts are presently focusing on reducing the time and computing power needed to train a model while making technologies more usable and affordable. Some tech-giants are engineering powerful hardware, others are designing new models and improving the existing ones. Expert augmented learning is one of the effective ways to reduce the efforts needed to develop reinforcement-based models. Augmented learning does not merely allow scientists to direct their knowledge from other neural networks but also from other machines and human experts.



  • Automated Machine Learning


With the advent of AutoML (automated machine learning), machine learning is expected to witness a tremendous transformation. It will enable developers and programmers to efficiently solve complex problems without developing specific models. It will further allow developers and analysts to emphasize on the relevant issues instead of overlooking the entire process, thereby offering better problem-solving solutions.



  • Automation of DevOps


Modern applications are capable of generating an enormous amount of data that needs to be filtered before analysing. The datasets can be collated to determine correlations and new patterns that would consecutively cater to the hardware.

Integrating advanced machine learning models on to the dataset makes them predictive. Furthermore. deploying AI in IT operations will enable developers to solve problems more efficiently and perform complex tasks in a shorter period of time. AI-based DevOps is expected to benefits cloud vendors significantly in the coming years.


AI and Machine Learning Trends – The Future of Business

AI and machine learning are no longer confined to the tech-world; they have a huge impact on the business landscape as well as society. Above are some of the trends that will further reinforce the concept of AI and online machine learning in the year 2019. Companies that are able to harness these trends can strengthen their operational efficiency and accuracy, thereby improving the probabilities of developing further and faster in the extensively competitive marketplace.


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