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If you love to play games in your leisure time then here is one of the wonderful games you can have. That is the game Bouncy Seed. As the name suggests this is a game where the main role is a small bouncing seed. It is really a fantastic game to play in your Android. if you begin to play the game, I am sure that you will get addicted to this game.

About the game Bouncy Seed

Among most of the games found there for the Android I find Bouncy Seed game a one of the nicest games. I love to play this game every time that I am free.

This is all about a bouncing seed. The little bouncing seed is Paul. He needs to find a better place to germinate. But he prefers somewhat faraway place from its origin. So, he started his journey to find the best place. He mode of moving is bouncing. But he needs a little help from you. That is when bouncing he may face several challenges like he can fall in to the river below, or his way may be blocked due to heavy winds, storms and so on.

Hence, what you have to do is to provide some trampolines as the bouncing surface for the little friend. There you have to draw the trampolines such that the little seed will able to win the challenges.

The only thing you have to do is to draw these trampolines. Simple and very easy. But really addictive game.

Features of the game

Along the journey of the little seed, he must be able to collect sunlight points as much as possible. Then only he can develop a good, healthy seedling.

If you can make the pathway such that the seed hit the rainbows and angry birds then you can take your little friend to more heights and distance.

You will able to score more points if you can make your little friend to move a higher distance from the origin.

I am sure if you begin to play the game you also love the graphics of the game. very simple graphics but very lovely and attractive.

The background sounds and the sounds making by the little friend is very charming. All the features of the game really help to relax the mind. It can identify a s relaxing game.

You can download this nice game from your Google Play Store or from any other app market including AC Market, Aptoide and Filelinked for Android TV boxes.

If you face any difficulty in using your Android like slow gameplay than easily download and install Clean Master Apk to be free from such difficulties.

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