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Building Online Business 3dcartStarting an ecommerce business can give business owners access to more customers than a physical store, and at a much lower price. However, the path to success still has its challenges. They include setting up the website itself, customizing for maximum conversions, creating a satisfying shopping experience, and more. Utilizing a good eCommerce site-building platform can remove obstacles or make them easy to surmount. Shift4Shop, which was founded about three decades ago, is not just one of the oldest such platforms, but also one of the best.

Shopping Cart Software

Shift4Shop’s shopping cart software is highly advanced and comes with a wide selection of useful features. Examples include real-time shipping calculation, automatic sales tax calculation, advanced product options, and over 100 payment processors. All these features, and many others that all businesses need or could benefit from, come bundled even at the lowest pricing tier. Higher tiers gain access to even more tools, such as a CRM, automation software, and shipping delivery notifications. The platform is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes. Even more integrations are available through their enormous app store.

Themes and Customization

Shift4Shop’s theme store offers over 50 distinct templates for websites, many of them free, and the number is only growing. In-house professionals optimized all these designs for mobile responsiveness and high loading speeds. They also work hard on the appearance of the graphics. With that said, Shift4Shop users are not stuck with the theme they use. The templates serve as just that, and they can be extensively customized to the point of becoming unrecognizable. These options grant users the freedom to design their websites in any way they wish.

Customer Support and Resources

As much as Shift4Shop tries to make their platform easy to use, it can still be challenging to master. To that end, the company provides multiple online guides and informational resources. They include a Knowledgebase dedicated to the platform, an “eCommerce University” for understanding concepts, and a well-written, well-managed blog that updates several times a week. If anything, Shift4Shop also offers a customer support line with live experts available 24/7/365. In addition to answering any questions, they can walk you through and help resolve any technical issues that may arise in the software.

Analytics Software

The engineers and experts at Shift4Shop understand that the process of building an online store does not end once the website goes live. It must be an ongoing project, with regular troubleshooting, updates to the site and software, and refinement. Shift4Shop’s analytics tools can pinpoint the aspects of the online store that could be improved. They can track user behavior and collect useful data on different kinds of traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates, and more. With this information at hand, store owners have the option of conducting experiments and analyzing the results. Moreover, they can continue making the shopping experience new for everyone.


Creating an eCommerce website requires choosing an eCommerce platform. The decision what one can do with their store, including what features are available to them and how much their business can grow. Shift4Shop is an excellent platform and one of the best Shopify alternatives with highly advanced, high-quality shopping cart software. It comes with a vast selection of useful features, plenty of room for customization, versatile analytics software, and great customer support. On top of all that, the company offers users a 15-day free trial, so they can test the software before making any commitments.


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