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Gaming laptops are a different breed of electronics altogether. They only bear a passing resemblance on the outside to their regular Notebook cousins that people have for work or personal use. But a closer look will reveal a more aggressive design, look, and feel than usual laptops. And underneath the façade, depending on what gaming machine you get, there are likely to be high-end components.

Consider These Things Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop is not for everyone. And that’s okay because gaming laptops are not meant for everyone. They target a very specific niche, hardcore gamers with enough money to invest in a portable gaming machine as opposed to a gaming PC.  You may have heard stories about how obsessive gamers can get. I know I haven’t given my Spectrum TV packages much attention since I got my new Razer gaming rig.

Any serious gamer will tell you a gaming laptop is worth every penny if you know what you’re getting. Here’s what you should focus on when you are on the lookout for a new gaming laptop:

  1. The CPU
  2. The GPU
  3. The Display
  4. The RAM and VRAM
  5. Keyboard and Touchpad Comfort

Let’s take a closer look at these specs below.


The first and most important thing you need to check when buying a new gaming machine is whether it has the right hardware. That usually means check if it has a CPU appropriate to your gaming needs. Obviously, people don’t normally buy gaming laptops with the best laptop Battery to play less-intensive older games like World of Warcraft. Instead, they are likely to play graphics and power-intensive games like Assassins Creed or The Witcher 3.

These games have amazing graphics and offer some of the best gaming experiences to users. However, since they consume a lot of power, you need to have a processor that can handle them easily. Most gamers agree that an Intel Core i7 processor is the best option for lag-free, smooth, and fluid gaming experiences.


But that’s just the processor or CPU. The GPU or graphics processing unit is equally important. The GPU does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to running games. Higher-end gaming laptops come equipped with powerful GPUs like the NVIDIA Geforce GTX.

Most high-end machines have the GTX 1080 or the GTX 1070 for a high frame rate and smooth visuals. But you don’t always have to go for the best. GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 can handle most games with ease. Remember, the GPU is as important as the CPU when looking for a gaming laptop the battery of gaming laptops are also very important.

The Display

The third most important consideration when buying a gaming laptop is its display. Gaming usually requires a bright and solid display for the best experience. At the very least, your laptop should have a resolution of 1920*1080. This is the bare minimum, not the maximum. You can easily find top-of-the-line machines that come with 4K or QHD displays, but they don’t come cheap. A display resolution of 1920*1080, however, offers a very decent gaming display that even hardcore gamers can live with.

The RAM and VRAM

RAM and VRAM make your gaming laptop faster, which means a better gaming experience. It really matters how much RAM and VRAM a laptop has when you are considering it for gaming. Once you have found a suitable laptop with a CPU, GPU, and display which works for you, check out its RAM specs. Ideally, you need at least 8GB of RAM for a good gaming machine. Anything less is too slow.

Keyboard and Touchpad Comfort

The final consideration when buying a gaming laptop is how comfortable the inputs are. The primary inputs on a gaming laptop are the keyboard and touchpad. The more comfortable you find them, the better your gaming experience gets. Many gaming laptops come with backlit keys, which makes gaming in darkened rooms or at night much more fun. There should also be sufficient key travel depth, meaning how far the key travels when you press it. Ideally, a key travel depth close to 2 millimeters is best suited for gaming.

Of course, if you are going to be doing a lot of online gaming, there are a few other considerations other than the gaming laptop itself. You should have a comfortable desk and a chair that keeps your posture correct. You may also need to invest in high-quality headphones or speakers. The last thing is making sure you have a reliable internet connection. My gaming life is smooth and bump-free because I rarely have to call Spectrum internet support for help. A finicky internet connection can ruin the entire experience.

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