Can Gamers of Today become Streamers of Tomorrow?

Gone are the days when you had to own a PC or a console to own a game and play it. The next generation of cloud gamers now can choose, subscribe and download their favorite games. Video streaming as a service has always been available. Companies like Steam have been the pioneers of game streaming service. Games like Team fortress, Counter-strike and DOTA have held the crown of the most played multiplayer games for ages.

The Next Generation Streamers:

But in the recent change in the gaming scenario, many new gaming giants have adopted this. Rockstar with their epic gaming series of GTA had taken over the gaming world by storm. But that too was short-lived as it required heavy computing. Games now have to be portable on a mobile device. With the advent of smartphones, with computing capability of a desktop, the streamers are now taking note of this changing times. PUBG, an online Battle Royale style multiplayer game has disrupted the traditional console limited gaming, by reaching out to mobile gamers as well. The mobile-friendly versions can run on different configurations and hence increased the reach manifolds overnight.

YouTube Game Streamers–A New Way to have Fun and Earn:

Smartphones have psychologically created an urge to watch videos around the world. Binge-watching in social media sites like Facebook and You-tube is common. Out of these, YouTube being the disrupter by rewarding people with the maximum views on their videos. This brought about a race for being the best content provider among the masses. Everyone was working towards making quality content hence one of them was online game streaming. With people donating to subscribe to professional gamers play their favorite game, the popularity grew overnight and hence the gamers started to see it as a fun income source.

But Are You Ready to be a Streamer?

Being a gaming video streamer not only requires cloud-gaming but also exceptional hardware to match the performance. Certain gamers stream their live gameplay, in order to keep the audience interested. There are a lot of hardware requirements that help in establishing a standard stream. Multiple input and output devices are required to stream hence, it is recommended that gaming streamers should use devices like KVM switches, which helps the user connect multiple devices, to a single console. KVM switches were traditionally used in data centers that helped a single monitor to be connected with multiple servers. KVM switches from now come with multiple HDMI ports that help you to connect multiple HDMI devices, to a single station. This is particularly useful for newbie streamers who wish to set up their own streaming hardware in their home.


Games have transcended from being just PC or console playable to cloud-streaming and smartphone playable. With the increasing number of game publishers now concentrating on joining hands with video streamers, there is a huge revenue potential for people who love gaming and wish to encash on the wave of next-generation video-game streamers online


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