Car Maintenance: where to spend and where to save?

Like any machine, every car comes with a certain life expectancy, which shortens and prolongs depending on how you keep it. When it comes to car maintenance, the cost varies from car to car, and the difference can be drastic based on whether you drive a German or a Japanese vehicle.

The whole idea is to understand where you must spend and where you can skimp or find a cheaper alternative. That being said, let’s start with the most important car maintenance works you shouldn’t put off at all.

Premarin cheap price The important ones:

1. can you buy Gabapentin over the counter Oil change

This is the most important part of any car maintenance program and should be done timely. Oil changes are done every 10k miles or earlier or as recommended by your car manufacturer. The purpose of engine oil is to ensure lubrication, but over time, the oil wears thin, creating friction between movable parts. This can harm the engine to its core and cause irreparable damage. The longer you put off oil change, the more harm you inflict on the engine.

2. Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is important to protect your tyres from premature wearing. Also, when your wheels go out of alignment, driving becomes a struggle as the vehicle pulls to the either side. The pull is strong enough to make you lose control at higher speeds. To prevent premature wearing of tyres, it is recommended to get wheel alignment done every 6 months.

3. Air conditioning

When the sun is hot and bright, driving without a functional air conditioning system leaves you in sweat, quite literally. Therefore, you must always consider car air conditioning service in Sydney, which includes freon top-off, compressor oil top-off and other essential checks to keep the cold blast of air flowing.

The not-so-important ones

1. Coolant top-off

Your car can pretty much go without regular coolant top-offs for a long time because it’s a non-consumable fluid unless there’s a leakage in the hose, engine block or the head gasket. However, coolant should be replaced every two years to prevent rust or blockage in the radiator. As long as it’s keeping the engine cool, you don’t have to replace it often.

2. Gearbox

A gearbox is designed to last, and it’s the last thing you need to care about during a routine service. Under ideal driving conditions, your gearbox oil is changed after 50k miles. Until then, you don’t have to worry about it unless a problem arises.

3. Scratches and dents

Unless you are obsessed with aesthetics, you can keep on driving your car and leave those minor scratches and dents to be fixed later. Considering the probability of getting a scratch or dent on your car in a city like Sydney, you shouldn’t take your car to the body shop more than once in two years, unless the scratches make you uncomfortable.

Do you feel your car is asking for too much maintenance that it’s almost punching a hole in your monthly savings? Yes? One way to minimise your maintenance overheads and still drive without a problem is to get your car serviced from a local mechanic who offers mobile car repairs in Sydney – rather than taking it to franchise service centre. Visiting a local mechanic, all you have to make sure is that new parts being installed in your car are OEM parts.  

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