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Artificial Intelligence Technology

Why Marketing is Best Role-based Career for Data Scientists in 2021

Data Analytics has found its application in numerous business domains, and Marketing is one of them. Today’s data science professionals are found to be more

Applied AI course
Artificial Intelligence

5 Times AI Went Horribly Wrong

Every piece of technology is brought to its optimal shape through a process of test, trial, error, and research. Artificial Intelligence is no exception. The

Artificial Intelligence Google SEO

Analysing the Impact of ML on SEO and Why Should You Prep up

Anyone who has not been living under a rock knows or has at least heard the term ‘Machine Learning’. Simply put, ML is a sub-segment

Mobile Payment Market
Android App Artificial Intelligence Smartphone

Mobile Payment Market And AI

Mobile Payment Market and AI: ReportCrux Market Research has published a new report titled “Mobile Payment Market by Payment Mode (Remote Payment, and Proximity Payment);

Artificial Intelligence Market
Artificial Intelligence Future Technology Tech Reviews

Artificial Intelligence Market to Reach $313.18 Billion by 2026 at 42.9% CAGR: ReportCrux Market Research

ReportCrux Market Research has published a new report titled “Artificial Intelligence Market by Offering (Hardware, Software, and Services); by Technology (Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Machine

data annotation companies
Artificial Intelligence

Which Data Annotation Companies are Best to Provide NLP and Transcription Services?

Data annotation companies are basically involved in annotating the different types of data available in the various formats like text, images and videos etc. And

machine learning healthcare data
Artificial Intelligence

What is Healthcare Training Data? Why is it important?

AI and machine learning models developed for healthcare sector or medical treatments and care, need the healthcare training data to train such AI models. And

sentiment analysis online
Artificial Intelligence

How to Data Sets Annotated for Sentiment Analysis in the News Headlines?

To make understandable the sentiments of the people by the AI model, a huge amount of training data sets required for machine learning. And language

Content Moderation Company
Artificial Intelligence Technology

Are There any Content Moderation Companies in India?

Yes off course, there are many companies in India providing the content moderation service. But finding the best one is little difficult task for anyone

image annotation
Artificial Intelligence

What is the Use of Annotations and Labeling of Images?

Image annotations and data labeling of images is used to create the training data sets for machine learning and AI. Actually, the visual perception based