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Are Data Scientists the New Investment Bankers?

Data science has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. This growth is similar to the spike in demand for investment bankers,


New Bestseller: Your Retirement Lifeboats by Mark Andra

Retirement expert Mark Andra explains how you can have a safe and secure retirement utilizing his “lifeboat” theme. By maximizing your retirement assets and keeping

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BEST HELPING TOOL FOR LAWYERS: For every individual out there who is somehow related to law, lawsyst is a one spot for every one of


First time homebuyer benefits

There comes a time in life when they plan to settle down and have their own home. After you have worked and made all the


Why HDTVs are the way to go

Since stations were required to broadcast high-definition TV signals, televisions that can pick up these signals have been popular. High-definition televisions provide viewers with clearer


How can yield curve analysis help predict future recessions?

Since the 1980s, there have been arguments about the effectiveness of yield curve analysis in predicting future economic development. It has been slightly neglected as

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How to Become a Successful Female Angel Investor

Rose Vitale is a successful female angel investor who manages  and she manages the collection and investment strategies for all types of people, including

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What is a long-term investment: types, sources, analysis, and accounting

Investing your own funds in any objects with the aim of making a profit is quite common today. This is called investing. Many capital owners

Covid-19 Outbreak and safety Measures

Why would a women angel investing in a company?

What is Angel Investing? Angel Investor is one of the words you constantly band on the news, blog articles and some of your favorite movies.

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Benefits of Choosing a Trusted Residential Real Estate Company

There are many untold and unrevealed benefits of choosing a trustworthy real estate company. Regardless, the benefits of the company, you need to remember that