What is the joint parliamentary committee inquiry about? The Prime Minister issued a media release on 17 September 2019 announcing the Government will undertake a Joint Parliamentary Committee of both the House and the Senate to conduct an inquiry into the Family Law system. The inquiry is to be led […]

The world is full of different types of beverages as different cultures come along with different eating and drinking options. But when anyone asks about a global beverage that has embedded deep into the roots of each and every culture then the first thing that pops up in your mind […]

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death around the country. Every day, hundreds and thousands of people die in automobile accidents on the roads. Also, being involved in a car accident can lead to different treatments being required. These would lead to the pile-up of a big […]

Telemedicine was introduced to provide cost-efficient medical treatment to patients in rural and remote areas.  It is conducted via real-time interaction with a doctor using telecommunication technology. Now, with the developments in the information and technology field, the scope of telemedicine is also expanding continually.  It is now being used […]

Journalists are amazing reporters on the side of their investigative skills. Even some cases, journalists surpasses skills of certain cops and they excel at understanding cases much better. Reporting is just analyzing news and its outcomes on the contrary of the evidence that is found. On the side of journalists, […]

When one is suffering from itchy scalp and dandruff issues then using the right kind of shampoo can be of great help. One can always go for a good anti dandruff shampoo or else a medicated one which can treat the scalp and the hair both, really well. Medicated shampoos […]

Mental health is an essential factor to give fuel to our life. Along with physical health, which is almost justified through the outer look, it is necessary to focus on the functioning of our mind. People mostly seek good mental health but along with it, ask yourself about the function […]

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