There are different films released across the world every day and the filmmakers want to that their films should win awards. There are many filmmakers who always want to do screening of their film at the best film festivals that are arranged across the world. There are different movies are […]


Star Wars or Star Trek has long been discussed in every corner of the galaxy, but in this post, we will explore why Star Wars is better and why Star Trek was better. Before we boldly go where no man has gone before, before we have been in a galaxy […]


Tech revolution has impacted the way we watch movies in movie theaters and at home. 360-degree viewing and recording, 3D prints, drones – these are just a few innovations that have created a revolution. The film industry has come a long way. Let’s review the tech innovations that have made a […]

Japanese imports like Pokémon and DragonballZ have been entertaining American children for over a decade, but Japan’s most iconic manga character — a child robot known as Astro Boy — has only recently been rediscovered by American audiences.tamilrockers Often called “The Mickey Mouse of Japan,” Astro Boy was created in […]


The term ‘Hollywood Movies’ has become synonymous with any English movie without even knowing whether the movie was made in Hollywood or not. That is the global influence of Hollywood. The term Hollywood movie is used to refer to a movie that has been filmed and completed in the United […]

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