Edmonton driving lessons Are you ready to start driving in Edmonton? If you are new to driving, don’t worry and relax! We all have to start somewhere. The first step to getting a full driver’s license is to get your first driving lesson. The coaches at Naveen realize it can […]

Mental health disease Mental health disease refers to a group of disorders that affect a person’s feelings, thinking and behavior, just as disorders of the digestive system refer to a group of diseases that affect the digestive system of the human body. Mental health may be short-term or lifelong and […]

How can NDIS help my child? Current statistics and data indicate that approximately 20 percent of Australians have a permanent disability or medical illness that has a major impact on their daily lives and participate in their social, family, personal and professional obligations. Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), […]

5 ways to manage separation anxiety Children who are concerned about staying away from their parents or other important caregivers may experience separation anxiety. These children often worry about their own or their parents ’safety when they are separated from them. Separation anxiety is a natural part of a child’s […]

Why choose a psychologist? When you get HIV, you usually go see your general doctor, get some antibiotics, and after a few days, you generally start to feel better. It is a process that most of us know. We find it clear. But when it comes to tackling your child’s […]

Read the Quran with intonation The Noble Quran is the fourth and final book that revealed the Holy Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, about 1400 years ago. Moreover, God Almighty gave His orders and directions of life through this Bible. Being Muslim, we must read and implement God Almighty’s […]

Online Quran Academy Online Quran Academy is a platform for online Quran classes for kids. The Online Quran Academy can be very beneficial for these Muslim kids who do not live in Muslim majority countries or do not have any Quran teachers easily. Moreover, they can learn the Holy Quran online with Tajweed in the comfort of their […]

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